Animal attacks on people, brutal events involving animals, animal abuse.

The elephant keeper brought his son to the zoo, who went out to the area with the elephants. However, the animal, sensing someone else's scent, attacked the teenager.
The bear entered the camp of drilling workers and tore two people to pieces. The animal did not respond to dogs or attempts to drive it away with a fire extinguisher.
The flayer put the cat in a mixer and decided to make minced meat from the cat. True, the cat was still alive while minced meat was being made from it.
A bear brutally torments a man. Unlike other predators, the bear does not kill its prey, but immediately begins to eat it.
In the first part of the video, vivisectors and flayers cut a cat into two parts. In the second, the cat's paws are cut off using a guillotine.
A woman and her daughter decided to pet a cute dog, but the dog didn’t really like it and the dog grabbed the woman’s face with its teeth.
The experimenters plug the mouse into a 220V outlet. Surprisingly, the mouse did not burn out immediately, the animal twitched convulsively. The experimenters should have moistened the paws of the mouse with water for a greater effect.
Ritual killing of several buffaloes and a horse. The animal was hit several times in the throat with a machete.
The hamsters were fixed with metal tape and connected to a voltage source. It appears that all the hamsters survived, but the goals of the experiment were not achieved and were not complete.