Animal attacks on people, brutal events involving animals, animal abuse.

A possum has snuck into the morgue and is eating the corpse of a large man. At first glance, it may seem that the opossum eats the genitals of a corpse, but this is not so. Pieces of meat from the thigh of the corpse were tastier.
A skilled chef shares his experience of cooking a live hamster in his own juice. The proposed recipe is somewhat different from the recipe for making a boiled cat.
A flayer pours a caustic liquid over a caged cat, probably acid. The poor animal is in agony from terrible pain.
The series Cow Wars continues by the will of Krishna. Shaking her udder and spreading her horns, the cow hunts Hindu women.
If you see a cow walking the streets of a city whose plans are reminiscent of a post-nuclear apocalypse, then this is India. And if there are people nearby, then the cow will attack these people.
In Switzerland there is a dish called "Christmas cat". Cat meat is fried and then stewed with thyme, garlic, tomatoes and other spices. Maybe this couple of flayers decided to cook a Christmas cat according to a special recipe?
First, the kitten's paw is cut, then they are pierced with scissors with laughter, and at the end they cut open the stomach and show the intestines. Haven't you vomited yet?
What can you expect from an Indian cow when a child is around? Nothing good. Although there is no background to the video, there is reason to believe that the events took place in India.
Nothing out of the ordinary, just a guy fucking a dead raccoon, but there are a lot of questions about this video. Isn't this the same raccoon that the Russians stole from the Kherson zoo?