Chopped meat

It’s hard to say what happened. Maybe this is how they prepare kebabs in India?
Inspection of the corpse of a man torn to pieces in the most cruel way. This is probably a victim of an animal attack.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. whats with the blocked crap? we all come here to get away from censorship, free speech and its up to the viewer to choose what to watch, if women are allowed to abort full term babies then we can watch this! that being said i love DEADHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The video is embedded from Bitchute. And Bitchute took down the channel/video on their own website.
      It’s not deadhouse’s fault, it’s Bitchute itself.

      And I’m glad you support free press. One of the pillars of democracy. God bless ya

    2. Unfortunately, this video has been removed because it was on the Bitchute server -(
      Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this.

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