Father of the year. Fight near the elevator in the mall

Appeared the first nominee for the honorary title of ‘Father of the Year’. A man with two children got into a fight over a place in a mall elevator.


The conflict flared up due to the fact that the man first pushed another man with a stroller with a child, and then pushed the girl with the same stroller.

As a result, a fight broke out. The girl received a black eye, an eyebrow cut and a concussion, and the man suffered a broken nose.

nose fracture

At this time, the attacker with two children successfully fled the scene.

St. Petersburg, Russia.


109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. the dick in blue biggest fuckwit no regard for his own kids then tries to hide behind them while throwing cheap shots fuckn lil bitch. one day this shit will happen in front of me then ill get my chance lol

  2. Don’t understand this vid.. Is the guy in blue the father? If so, he is obviously the culprit here and putting his family in danger because of his stupid ego. He started the fight. He had a choice to let it go and take the second elevator, would cost about 30 seconds. For him that’s worth a fight with multiple men, while his kids around.. Stupid idiot

    1. Right. The guy in blue is the father of the family. He deliberately pushed the girl with a stroller in which his child was. The girl’s boyfriend stood up for the girl and a fight ensued.

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