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Freaks, mental disorders, extreme deviations.

Ashura is a Muslim holiday among the Shiites, during which bloodletting and self-torture are performed. The Ashura bloodletting ceremony is held in honor of Imam Hussein.
A drunken man followed the girl into the elevator, attacked from behind and began to cover her mouth with his hand, but then let the child go. Tomsk, Russia. Video.
In the video, a dude in a red T-shirt attacked a car with a huge sword. In appearance, the sword is decorative, but the man quite successfully cut off the mirror with it and struck several blows on the car body.
A drunken degenerate who called himself a 'general' smashed the windshield of a car and attacked passers-by. He called himself a 'general', shouted that he urgently needed to go to the 'war against the Nazis' in Ukraine.
At first glance, it looks like a living mummy, but it's not. This is a living person, a Buddhist monk who is 109 years old and his name is Luang Pho Yai.
One guy uses a drill to screw a spiked plant stem into another guy's urethra. Video. Deviations.
A mentally ill man decides to make himself hara-kiri and, with a smile on his face, beats himself with a kitchen knife in the stomach.