Sex with a corpse of a raccoon. Necrozoophilia


Nothing out of the ordinary, just a guy fucking a dead raccoon, but there are a lot of questions about this video.

I wonder if the zoophile warmed up the corpse of a raccoon before fucking him? It’s one thing to fuck a live raccoon, another thing is a dead one, when the carcass of the animal has already cooled down.

Well, in terms of the recent theft of a raccoon from the Kherson Zoo by the retreating Russian troops, the question arises – is this the raccoon that was stolen? At least then the motive for stealing the raccoon becomes clear.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Even theYNC which posts porn every 5th post, doesn’t have as much animal cruelty porn as this website lol

    1. Believe me, this is not the most brutal animal video we have in our collection.
      Only homespun hardcore! -))

      1. Don’t know where you find them honestly. Though I see they’re mostly Russians so you should know where to look lol
        Who fucks dead animals anyway? You have to be a special sort of sick. I didn’t even play the video

        1. Author

          I will upset you. The corpse of this raccoon was not fucked in Russia.
          In Russia they prefer to fuck live animals. I once wrote an article on this topic as a joke.
          Bestiality is developed in the North Caucasus and there are many memes on this topic.

          1. Sonderfuhrer i dont get why u always bother responding to this fragile piece of shit. This is your site, do what you want

          2. Author

            I answer people when I see fit.
            We have complete freedom of speech here.

        2. The freak fuckin this dead racoon is non other than KERO THE WOLF the furry YouTube zoosadist and cunt.

          Ashley Zoe Fox is another YouTube animal fucker.
          KitTheSoulless is also a dog fucking YouTuber.

          1. That Kero shit walked free apparently. Humanity needs nuking

  2. Jesus Christ this is too much, but I don’t understand why so many zoophile videos emerge from Russia? I really wonder what goes inside the mind of an asshole while fucking animal. I’m aware of beastality but you have to be a sick pile of shit to fuck dead animal.

    1. This video is not from Russia, if that’s what you think. This video was posted in a private telegram group by an American under the name “birdboy” this one video which has became somewhat popular for some odd reason is apart of many other videos.

  3. Dude, there is no such thing as necrozoophilia, only necrobestiality.

  4. All you grossed out haters with your “high morals” saying what you’d do to someone who fucks dead critters. What do you care? Dead critter don’t care. LOL! Lucky for you there’s no upload option on this site and I don’t care to pursue it cuz I got LOTS of roadkill pussyfuck vids. I love me some free pussy!

    1. Why would you publicly announce that you’re a social reject loser? If I were you, I would hide that fact. Maybe you got too tired of living a lie so you want to finally hear society’s feedback and see where you stand in the social hierarchy? Well, at the bottom of the ladder, of course, just as you expected.

      1. LOL! Whatever. You’re here. You love it. You know it. Stop pretending. xoxo ;)

        1. Whatever you say angsty dork

    2. You got some vids you’d like to share?

      1. Not privately. I only care to post somewhat anonymously on a board such as this that allows shocking and offensive content.

    3. would you be interested in sending me some videos? if not, i’d be down to trade. i have over 40k animal files. i don’t collect zoo though. unless it’s necro that is.

  5. Since this is a death and gore site, here’s one more for ya before I disappear. :D
    Sometimes roadkill pussy can be a little torn up on the outside but still lovely and perfect on the inside.
    Nothing some upholstery thread and a few minutes can’t fix! LOL!

    1. Otherwise I’m an average guy just working my job and living my life. Think about that the next time that barista is making your latte, or that science teacher is taking the class on a field trip, or that preacher is giving a Sunday sermon … could be me! LMAO!

  6. Still better than fucking a nigger lol!

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