A wave of murders of prostitutes has swept Russia

25-year-old prostitute Vlada from Krasnodar who was killed by Alexey Varakin
25-year-old prostitute Vlada from Krasnodar who was killed by Alexey Varakin

Last week there were several murders of prostitutes, one of them with dismemberment. In this case, the killers name the same motive.

Two men called a prostitute who came to work from Nigeria and forced her to have group sex.

Then one of the men threw the girl out of the 5th floor window. The Nigerian woman suffered a spinal fracture and was hospitalized in serious condition.

As the man explained, in his words, the prostitute offered him drugs. This outraged him and he threw the prostitute out of the window.

The second no less monstrous incident occurred in Moscow. Alexey Varakin, who had previously been treated in a psychiatric clinic, came to see a prostitute. After sex, the man stabbed the girl several times and tried to cut off her head.

He later confessed to the police to another murder of a prostitute.

He named the motive for the crime as the same as in the first case – the prostitute offered him to buy drugs.

This enraged him and he killed the girl.

At the time of arrest, the offender received a head injury.

Moscow, Russia.

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