Ukrainians hanged in LPR without trial

In the LPR (territory controlled by Russia), 5 Ukrainians sympathizing with the Armed Forces of Ukraine were hanged without trial on charges of espionage.

The inscriptions on the plates read: “He passed information to the enemy. SMERSH” and “Traitor of the Lugansk people.”

A few days ago, photos from the place of execution were published by pro-Russian publics. This is not the first case of extrajudicial killings.

As a result, the so-called. “Referendum” territory of the LPR – Luhansk region Ukraine was annexed by Russia. The Russian Federation claims responsibility for extrajudicial killings.

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      We in the West need to stop treating an aggressor as the victim. In Russia this is so out of hand that Russian media personalities have suggested the use of nukes, rape, the drowning of children, and even genocide because Ukrainians are fighting back against the Russia invasion! Russians cheer missile attacks against civilians because they won’t just lay down and die themselves! How can a collective moral compass be so incredibly wrong!
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  2. This is misinformation… those are ethnic Russians executed by the NATO-backed Ukrainian military

  3. Luhansk in spelled the Russian way on those boards “Lugansk”, for anyone thinking this was Ukraine – it wasn’t.

    1. Yeah because misdirection totally isn’t a thing

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