Combat robot of the Russian army in Syria


The actions of a Russian-made combat robot on the battlefield in Syria. The murder of several people.

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  1. It is not murder because it is war there, you can call that casualties, i’m beggining to think that the owner of this site is a goat fucker…

    1. In fact, you need to start thinking that the president of Russia is a goat. He unleashed a war in Syria and Ukraine, he organizes terrorist attacks with poisoning all over the world, and in your democratic countries you keep in banks the money that he and his henchmen have stolen from the Russian people.
      Think about it.

      1. Yep. Definitely a goat fucker. Or a white cuck race traitor

  2. Can’t we all just get along and watch some good old vids ? I am very morbid and sadistic, however I like to see people who deserve torture and death, people who watch children being killed on here need to rethink they’re life’s before they meet some true evil let me reassure everyone killing children and baby’s is not the pinnacle of evil its actually for the the weak

    1. Shut up whining nigger. You going to cry? Baby lover.

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