Photos from the combat areas. Destruction and grief. People in bomb shelters. Padded equipment and corpses of soldiers.

War in Ukraine. Part 2


  1. Ukraine fucking sucks!

    1. I will start preparing a large scale brazen bull to put Russian soldiers & their sympathisers in to slowly cook them alive. Slow roasting ensures the meat will be tender and makes for a great stew. This will be fed to the next soldiers waiting in line until it’s their turn.

  2. lol putting mostly Russian soliders… Why don’t you publish ones with Ukrainian dead? Ukraine and it’s people deserve everything that is happening, you killed 14k+ civilians since 2014, you burned innocent people alive and want to join NATO even you are forbidden to do so. Good riddance <3

  3. Let me explain. Russian soldiers are forbidden to use smartphones, according to this photo, the corpses of Ukrainian soldiers are much smaller. But they are, now we are just updating the materials.
    According to the UN, from 2014 to 2021, 3,000 civilians died in the Donbass, mostly in 2014. These are casualties on both sides of the conflict. No need to succumb to Russian propaganda “Ukraine bombed Donbass for 8 years.”
    It’s a lie.

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