Brutal news

Skopinsky maniac gives an interview

Skopinsky maniac Mokhov gives an interview and is going to marry

Skopinsky maniac Viktor Mokhov, after being released from prison, did not go home, but got on a plane and flew to Moscow, where he gave an exclusive interview

Pedophile priests

Case of Orthodox pedophile molesters brought to court

The rector of the Church of the Holy Prophet Elijah Hieromonk Spiridon and the bell ringer of this temple, Sergei Moos, are accused of molesting underage boys

Skopinsky maniac Sergei Mokhov at large

Sexual maniac Sergei Mokhov was released after 17 years in prison

Skopinsky maniac Sergei Mokhov kidnapped 2 girls and raped them for 3 years in an underground prison

Man from Yekaterinburg cut off his ear

Van Gogh from Yekaterinburg cut off his ear

Inadequate man in Yekaterinburg cut off his ear in front of people