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Brutal news

Attack with an ax. Video

A man in women’s clothing attacked shop visitors with an ax

In Moscow, on Kargopolskaya Street, a man dressed in women’s clothing attacked visitors to the ‘Magnit’ store with an ax. Two people were injured

Perm shooter

Student shot and killed 6 people and wounded 24

At the Perm State University, a student staged a bloody massacre. He shot 6 people with a hunting rifle and injured 24 more

The man blew up the police department

The man killed 3 people and blew up the police department

Man triple murders a farmer’s family and then blew up a police station

Секс с трупом

25-year-old caucasian man raped the corpse of a woman

In St. Petersburg, a 25-year-old citizen of one of the Transcaucasian republics killed and raped the corpse of a 51-year-old woman