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Uzbek homosexual beheaded two people

Homosexual adventures ended with two headless corpses

A homosexual prostitute from Uzbekistan beheaded two clients in one day.

Rocket attack on Konstantinovka

Russia launched a missile attack on Konstantinovka

As a result of a missile attack on the market in Konstantinovka, 18 people were killed and 32 people, including one child, were injured.

Husband cut off his wife's hand

Husband cuts off wife’s hand in front of child

The man first beat his wife, and then chopped off her hand with an ax out of jealousy.

Полицейский застрелил нарушителя

The policeman shot the offender who refused to get out of the car

This event would have been commonplace for the United States, but the story took place in Ukraine.

Zoophile had sex with a donkey

Zoophile in the zoo raped a donkey

At night, a man entered the enclosure with animals, abused one donkey and tried to rape two others.

Отрубили ноги топором

Chopped off legs with an ax

Negro burned alive

The Negro was executed with a necklace, but something went wrong

Torture by drug cartels

Brutal executions of drug cartels. Scalped

The chef beat the bartender

Drunk cook brutally beat the bartender

Ass wound

Ripped ass

Rotting corpses of Russians

Rotting corpses of Russian soldiers

Evacuation of the wounded APU

Evacuation of Ukrainian wounded

Corpses of soldiers. Myanmar

The result of an unsuccessful attack by government troops on a rebel camp

Executions of the Taliban. Video

Execution of the Taliban

The terrorists tied a bound man to a truck and dragged him along the road

The terrorists tied the man to a truck and dragged him along the road

The corpses of the PDF rebels. Myanmar

The corpses of the PDF rebels. Myanmar

Cut off the head in the name of Allah

Cut off the head in the name of Allah

Elderly man hit by tram

Half grandpa

Courier hit by truck

Fatal meeting of delivery courier and truck

Spectacular flight

The pedestrian went on a spectacular flight

Girl without a brain

Girl without a brain

Assassination attempt

Tough brazilian dad

Ordered murder. Video

Contract killing. Colombia

Chopped into cabbage

A young Latin American Cossack chopped an opponent into cabbage

Man killed in blood feud

Man killed in blood feud

Mouse in 220V

What happens if the mouse is connected to 220V?

Dog attacks on children

Attack of a pack of stray dogs on a child

The cow attacked the girl

Cow Wars. Episode 15. Cow attack on muslims

Flayers torture the cat

Flayers cut the cat’s anus and pulled out the intestines

Child with two faces

Child with two faces

Torn off a leg

Military medics provide first aid to a wounded soldier

Bullet hit in the ass

Surgeons remove the bullet from the thigh

Unexploded projectile in a living person

Surgeons remove unexploded ordnance from thigh

MMA fighter broke his leg

MMA fighter broke his leg during a fight

Fight in Omsk. Video

Fascinating Russian drunken fight

Fight on the beach

Fat woman on the beach knocked out two people

Fun Russian fight

Fun Russian fight

Flying unicycle

Hindu invented the world’s first flying unicycle

Threw a child out of a window

People jump out of windows and throw out children during a fire

Jumping out of windows during a fire

Jumping out of windows during a fire

Burned a man

Lightly fried dude

The girl hung herself on the fan

The girl hung herself on the fan

The guy threw himself under the train

The guy threw himself under the train


Spiderman is no more

Double hara-kiri

Double hara-kiri

Negro corpses with guns

Negro corpses with guns

Negroes carve a corpse

Negroes enthusiastically butcher the corpse of a tribesman

The corpse of a man

Corpses look at you and smile

What does a dead body look like?

The corpse of a drowned man in the river

Videos rape

Asian guy rapes a girl

Worms on the leg

There are worms in the man’s leg

Siamese twins. Video

Cheerful Siamese twins

How to wash the stomach?

How to wash the stomach? Chinese way

Deadly route

Deadly route

In 1975, a group of tourists of 53 people set off along route No. 30 ‘Tourist base ‘Gornaya’ – Fisht Pass – Dagomys’. As a result of a combination of circumstances, 21 people from the group died along the route. This is the biggest tragedy of Soviet tourism.

Pol Pot

Pol Pot. Extreme forms of building socialism

On May 19, 1925, the eighth child was born to a wealthy peasant, Pek Salot. The boy was named Sar. In a few decades, Sar Salot would become known under a different name – Pol Pot, a staunch communist, Maoist and dictator.

Adolf Gitler

Adolf Hitler – dictator, murderer and socialist

On this day, April 20, 134 years ago, Adolf Hitler was born. Adolf Hitler is such an odious person that children are scared by his name. In fact, Adolf Hitler was an ordinary person with his own weaknesses and shortcomings.

The Last Descent ofJ ohn Jones

The Last Descent of John Jones

Cave explorer John Jones tragically died in Nutty Putty’s cave. He got stuck in the narrow passage of the cave and could not get out. His agony lasted 26 hours.

Andrey Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo. ‘Red Killer’

Andrei Chikatilo, also known as the ;Red Killer’, was one of the most brutal serial killers in Russian history. During the period from 1978 to 1990, he killed more than 50 people, mostly women and children.