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Woman eats baby alive

Mother gnawed 3-year-old child’s face and bit off his fingers

Neighbors in the apartment building noticed a man, woman and child early in the evening. The child had a bloody face and missing fingers.


Zoophile masturbates while looking out the window of a grooming salon

A man was spotted masturbating outside a grooming salon. He scared the employees with his appearance, but the dogs were not harmed.

Beating up grandmothers. Video

A man robbed grandmothers in the hallways

A previously convicted repeat offender attacked old women in hallways, severely beat and robbed them. In one day, he robbed and beat two old women. Video of the attacks went viral.

A migrant worker raped a dog

A migrant worker raped a dog

The owner of the animal discovered bruises and traces of semen in the anus area on his dog. After watching the video from surveillance cameras, he discovered that the dog was raped by a hired worker from neighboring countries.

Dead dolphin

Drug dealer arrested for walking with dead dolphin

A man found a dead dolphin on the beach and for some reason decided to take a walk with the animal’s corpse. This attracted the attention of the police.

Burnt alive

The dude was burned alive and his ear was cut off

Pepper in the vagina

A girl had a pepper shoved into her vagina

Electric shock torture

The girl is tortured with electric shock


Some dismemberment and Adidas slippers

Russian soldier finishes off a wounded soldier

Russian soldier finishes off a wounded soldier

Corpses of Myanmar Army Soldiers

Corpses of Myanmar Army Soldiers

Searching the pockets of dead soldiers

Ukrainian soldiers rob the corpses of Russian soldiers

Russian corpses

Russian soldiers were covered by artillery fire

Terrorist attack in Dagestan

Terrorist attack in Dagestan

Interrogation of Crocus terrorists

Interrogation of the terrorist who carried out the attack on Crocus City Hall

Terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall. Video

Terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall

Hamas terrorists execute traitors

Hamas terrorists execute traitors

Consequences of a terrible accident

Consequences of a terrible accident

Biker's leg blown off

Biker’s leg blown off

Spectacular accidents 2023

The car sent the woman into a spectacular flight

Elderly man hit by tram

Half grandpa

Brutal public murder

Brutal public murder

Bus driver robbery

Robbery and murder of a bus driver

Attempted robbery. Video

Failed robbery attempt

Brutal murder. Video

Brutal murder with a machete

Dog attacks on people. Video

Dog attack on an elderly woman

Sex with a cow

The tragic result of cow sex play

Dog attacks

Dog attack on a child

Leopard attack

Leopard attack

How to remove a dildo if it is stuck?

Removing a homemade dildo from the anus

Shrapnel wound of the thigh

Shrapnel wound of the thigh

How to remove a splinter from a wound

Removing multiple fragments from a soldier’s wound


Trichophagia. Consequences of eating hair

Real fencing with samurai swords

Sword fencing

Knife fight

Fight with a knife

Disabled people fight

Fight of one-legged disabled people

Mass brawl in Butovo

Young Russian males find out who has the longest penis

Worker crushed by coil of wire

Worker crushed by metal reel

Marat is fucking frozen

Marat is frozen

Hindu with a pistol

Drunk Hindu and a pistol

Falling from a skyscraper

Fall from a high-rise building

Drug addict jumped from balcony

A woman under the influence of drugs jumped from the balcony


Hindu man hanged himself from a fan

Suicide live

A man filmed his suicide

The girl hung herself on the fan

The girl hung herself on the fan

homeless man's corpse

Homeless corpse

A decomposed corpse. Video

The decomposed corpse is eaten by vultures

Myanmar military corpses

Military corpses. Myanmar

Examination of the corpse of an Asian girl

Examination of the corpse of an Asian girl

Naked drug addict on the street

Naked drug addict threw himself at cars

Dick cut off

A man cuts off his penis with a grinder

Drug addict jumped from 4th floor

Drug addict jumped from 4th floor

Cock torture

Dude drives nails into dick

Deadly route

Deadly route

In 1975, a group of tourists of 53 people set off along route No. 30 ‘Tourist base ‘Gornaya’ – Fisht Pass – Dagomys’. As a result of a combination of circumstances, 21 people from the group died along the route. This is the biggest tragedy of Soviet tourism.

Pol Pot

Pol Pot. Extreme forms of building socialism

On May 19, 1925, the eighth child was born to a wealthy peasant, Pek Salot. The boy was named Sar. In a few decades, Sar Salot would become known under a different name – Pol Pot, a staunch communist, Maoist and dictator.

Adolf Gitler

Adolf Hitler – dictator, murderer and socialist

On this day, April 20, 134 years ago, Adolf Hitler was born. Adolf Hitler is such an odious person that children are scared by his name. In fact, Adolf Hitler was an ordinary person with his own weaknesses and shortcomings.

The Last Descent ofJ ohn Jones

The Last Descent of John Jones

Cave explorer John Jones tragically died in Nutty Putty’s cave. He got stuck in the narrow passage of the cave and could not get out. His agony lasted 26 hours.

Andrey Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo. ‘Red Killer’

Andrei Chikatilo, also known as the ;Red Killer’, was one of the most brutal serial killers in Russian history. During the period from 1978 to 1990, he killed more than 50 people, mostly women and children.