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Blogger starved a baby to death

Raw food blogger starved baby to death

Raw food blogger Maxim Lyuty and his common-law wife practiced prano-eating – eating from the sun and tried to accustom a newborn child to this. As a result of the experiments, the baby died of exhaustion.

Man sets fire to people with flamethrower

Man sets fire to 3 people with homemade flamethrower

The former locksmith of the Housing and Public Utilities Management Company, as a revenge for his dismissal, doused with gasoline and burned three employees with a homemade flamethrower.

Children lived with the corpses of their parents

Two children lived for several days next to the corpses of their parents

The parents of a 2-year-old boy and a 3-month-old girl died from a drug overdose. The children were left to themselves for several days until the neighbors heard crying and opened the door.

Man climbing wires

The man ran away from the rescuers by wire

A man in an inadequate condition tried to escape from of the rescue service by wire.

Schoolboy raped prostitutes

Schoolboy raped prostitutes at gunpoint

A student of the 9th grade ordered prostitutes at home, and when they refused to sleep with him because of their age, he threatened them with weapons and raped them.


Severe caning

Beating a drug dealer

Brutal beating of a drug dealer

Drug courier's hands are smashed with a stone

The drug courier is hit on the hands with a large stone

Cartels cut the head

Cartel Wars. Mass execution. Cutting off the head

The murder of a Ukrainian soldier. 'Glory to Ukraine!'

Cold-blooded murder of a Ukrainian soldier

Corpses of Ukrainian soldiers

Corpses of Ukrainian soldiers

Russian corpses in a trench. Ukraine

Corpses of Russian soldiers in a trench

Ukrainian marauders

Soldiers of the AFU demonstrate the consequences of a recent battle

ISIS executions. Cut off the head

Spectacular beheading

Rebels execute soldiers

Rebels execute soldiers

The murder of a woman. Burma

Brutal murder of a woman

Terror attack in Istanbul

Terrorist attack in Istanbul

Ambulance ran into a pensioner

An ambulance knocked down a pensioner

A Chinese man drove his car into a crowd of people

A Chinese man rammed a crowd of people in a car

Ambulance hit a pedestrian

Ambulance hit an old woman

Burn 90% of the body

Lightly fried dude

They cut off the head. Video

Again someone is being cut in the yard(C)

Jewelry store robbery

Failed jewelry store robbery

Knife robber

Robber attacked old woman with a knife

Heist video

Failed armed robbery

Woman beat a man

A woman beat a man and ran over him with a car

Fight. Gypsies

Gypsy showdown

Fight between blacks and whites

Migrants beat Belgians

Wife beat her husband and his mistress

Wife beat her husband and his mistress

The boy was pulled into the escalator. Girls live longer

The boy was pulled into the escalator. Girls live longer

The hand hit the press. What to do?

Woman stuck her hand into a punch press

The boat capsized

Boat with Chinese. What could go wrong?

Worker electrocuted

Worker electrocuted

Set himself on fire due to conflict

The teacher burned himself because of a conflict at work

Самосожжение. Россия

Man sets himself on fire in store

Suicide with electricity

Suicide on the mast of a high-voltage power line

Woman hanged herself live

Woman hanging herself under CCTV camera

Killing civilians. Myanmar

Massacre of civilians

Corpse of a man eaten by wolves

Corpse of a man eaten by wolves

Loading a dismembered corpse

Loading a dismembered corpse onto a stretcher

Corpse of a woman in some stage of decomposition

Corpse of a woman in some stage of decomposition

Chinese man breaks bricks with his cock

Chinese man breaks bricks with his cock

Shark bite

He was bitten by a shark while standing in the ocean (C)

Ужасная травма лица

Horrible facial injury

The cow attacked the child

Cow Wars. The cow attacked the child

Andrey Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo. ‘Red Killer’

Andrei Chikatilo, also known as the ;Red Killer’, was one of the most brutal serial killers in Russian history. During the period from 1978 to 1990, he killed more than 50 people, mostly women and children.

Beslan. Chronicle of events

Capture of hostages in Beslan. Event Chronicle

On September 1, 2004, hostages were taken at school No. 1 in Beslan, Republic of North Ossetia. As a result of the capture, 333 people died, mostly children.

The woman killed her lover. Turkey.

Young woman and her hot lover

This story is full of oriental deceit, passions, a story of love and betrayal. A man seduced a married woman and paid dearly for it.

Alexey Makeev Alextime Lord Nazi Ruso

Alexey Makeev Alextime Lord Nazi Ruso

Alexey Makeev, aka Alextime, aka Lord Nazi Ruso, became famous for his numerous attacks on people, the demonstration of Nazi symbols and the murder in Mexico

Death of Hisashi Ouchi

83 days of agony. Tokaimura incident

On September 30, 1999, a uranium chain reaction occurred at the nuclear facility of the Tokaimura, as a result of which 3 people were seriously injured