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On September 1, 2004, a hostage-taking took place in Beslan. Chronicle of the events of those days. Over 100 photos from the event.

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Necrophile from Orekhovo-Zuyevo

A necrophiliac transported a woman’s corpse in the trunk of a car

Police officers stopped the car in which there was a 29-year-old man. A freshly dug up corpse of a woman was found in the trunk of a car. The man confessed to necrophilia.

In the apartment with the corpse of a child. Noginsk

Mother lived next to the corpse of her 11-year-old son for 2 weeks

The child’s corpse was found by ambulance doctors when they arrived at the address of one of the houses in Noginsk.

Shooting at the school

‘Columbine massacre’ in Izhevsk school

An armed man burst into the school and opened fire on children and teachers.

Mobilization in Russia

Mobilization in Russia. How does this happen

On September 21, Putin announced the start of a ‘partial mobilization’ of citizens to serve in the Russian Armed Forces. Mobilization events are taking place with accompanying complications typical for Russia: fights, drunkenness and protests.

Gerontophile raped an old woman

20-year-old gerontophile raped a 70-year-old pensioner

A man attacked a pensioner in broad daylight, dragged her into the bushes and raped her there. Casual bystanders saw that something strange was happening, but did not attach any importance to what was happening.

Woman beating a child

Woman brutally beating a child

Gutting the corpse of a young girl

Gutting the body of a young girl

Child being beaten with a stick

Little girl being beaten with a stick

Cut off the head video Mexico

Two men were beheaded

Cut off ears

Azerbaijani military cut off the ears of the corpses of Armenian soldiers

Ukrainians capture the Russian crew of the infantry fighting vehicle

Ukrainians take Russian BMP crew prisoner

Interrogates a wounded soldier

Ukrainian interrogates a wounded Russian fighter

Гомосексуализм в Российской армии

Blowjob that didn’t end

Consequences of the explosion in the mosque

Terrorist kamikazde blew up the mosque

ISIS terrorists blow up cars of infidels

ISIS terrorists demonstrate car bombings

Shahid in a shahid mobile

A shahid in a shahid-mobile is going to commit shahidism

ISIS executions. Cut off the head

ISIS executions. Cut off the head

Frontal collision. Accidents 2022

Unsuccessful escape from the police

Truck fell off the bridge

Spectacular fall of the truck from the bridge

Accidents 2022. Video

Consequences of a terrible accident. The body of a woman is collected piece by piece

Teenager run over by car

The car crushed the merchants

Robbery and murder

Attempted robbery and murder

Robbery and stabbing

Knife attack and robbery

Schizophrenic beat parents with a hammer

Schizophrenic beat parents with a hammer

Man shot dead in car

Man shot dead in car

Wife beat her husband and his mistress

Wife beat her husband and his mistress

Guards beat a man for breaking a bottle of vodka

Guards beat a man for breaking a bottle of vodka

Ax beating

Drug dealer beaten with an ax

Beating a naked Chinese woman

Naked Asian Girl Beating

The boat capsized

Boat with Chinese. What could go wrong?

Worker electrocuted

Worker electrocuted

Girl electrocuted to death

A little girl was electrocuted by an ice cream fridge

The man was under high voltage

The man was under high voltage

Suicide falls off a bridge

Last Suicide Flight

British pedophile

Pedophile tried to commit suicide

The body of the suicide was torn in half

The suicide’s body was torn in half

The man threw himself under the train

Elderly man threw himself under a train

Chinese girl's corpse

Chinese girl’s corpse

Corpse in a bag

Nice dismemberment from Brazil

Severed head of a woman

Mexican dismemberment

Burned alive

Colombian kebab

The cow gored the girl

Cow Wars. Episode 6. Return of the Cow

Cow and motorcyclist

Indian Cow Wars Episode 5: The Cow Strikes Back

Macaque and hindu

Epic battle between monkey and Hindu

Терминальная стадия рака груди

End-stage breast cancer in an elderly woman

Beslan. Chronicle of events

Capture of hostages in Beslan. Event Chronicle

On September 1, 2004, hostages were taken at school No. 1 in Beslan, Republic of North Ossetia. As a result of the capture, 333 people died, mostly children.

The woman killed her lover. Turkey.

Young woman and her hot lover

This story is full of oriental deceit, passions, a story of love and betrayal. A man seduced a married woman and paid dearly for it.

Alexey Makeev Alextime Lord Nazi Ruso

Alexey Makeev Alextime Lord Nazi Ruso

Alexey Makeev, aka Alextime, aka Lord Nazi Ruso, became famous for his numerous attacks on people, the demonstration of Nazi symbols and the murder in Mexico

Death of Hisashi Ouchi

83 days of agony. Tokaimura incident

On September 30, 1999, a uranium chain reaction occurred at the nuclear facility of the Tokaimura, as a result of which 3 people were seriously injured

Kerch shooter

Massacre at Kerch College: how it happened

As a result of the massacre at the Kerch Polytechnic College, 21 people died, and 67 people were injured. 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov detonated a bomb and shot students and teachers