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Brutal news

Remains found

In the Rostov region found the remains of soldiers who died in 1941

In the Aksai district of the Rostov region, the remains of soldiers who died in the fall of 1941 during the offensive of the German army on Rostov-on-Don were found

Pedophile Anatoly Sorokin

Volunteer of a charity fund turned out to be a pedophile

A volunteer of the ‘I Believe in a Miracle’ charity foundation turned out to be a pedophile and in 4 years raped 33 children aged 5 to 15 years

Ripped belly

6-year-old boy cut his stomach with a knife to a one-year-old child

In Yegoryevsk, a 6-year-old boy ripped open the belly of a one-year-old girl whom he looked after at night. The child is taken to the hospital

Stabbed in the stomach video

10 stabs in the stomach. Quarrel in a cafe

A 41-year-old native of the Republic of the South Caucasus inflicted 10 stab wounds to a cafe employee. The man dies from his injuries