Brutal news, shooting, robberies, blood. Strange news daily

This guy was accused of rape, but was soon released from prison due to insufficient evidence. Then the victim's relatives took him to a secluded place, burned his genitals, cut off his ear and eventually killed him.
A previously convicted repeat offender attacked old women in hallways, severely beat and robbed them. In one day, he robbed and beat two old women. Video of the attacks went viral.
The owner of the animal discovered bruises and traces of semen in the anus area on his dog. After watching the video from surveillance cameras, he discovered that the dog was raped by a hired worker from neighboring countries.
In Bryansk gymnasium No. 5, a student brought her father’s shotgun to class and started shooting at her classmates. 4 schoolchildren were wounded, 2 people were killed. Among them is the shooter herself.