The horrors of medicine. Injuries, diseases, surgeries.

This boy appeared with two faces and two pairs of brains. Such an anomaly occurs 1 time in 250,000 births.
Getting shot in the ass is not cool, but judging by the damage, this guy has taken more than one bullet. A military surgeon successfully removed the bullet from his thigh.
The robber, fleeing from his pursuers, decided to overcome the fence, but missed and fell eggs on the fence with sharp peaks. One of the lances pierced his balls.
No, this guy got his ass ripped out not because he read something about himself on the Internet, but because he was injured in a traffic accident. Surgeons examining a lacerated thigh wound.
A blow with a machete in the face made an additional hole in the head of this guy. Now it is much more convenient for him to eat food, but doctors do not agree with this statement and are trying to help the poor fellow.
Doctors are trying to help a man with a hip injury. This is truly an ‘explosive fart’.
The man suffered a horrific facial injury and is breathing with a ventilator. However, this person is still alive and makes hoarse sounds.