The horrors of medicine. Injuries, diseases, surgeries.

The man suffered a horrific facial injury and is breathing with a ventilator. However, this person is still alive and makes hoarse sounds.
Endoscopic removal of a huge tapeworm from a woman's intestines. Tapeworms parasitize in the body of mammals, including humans.
An operation to extract a huge dildo, apparently homemade, from a man's anus. The man groans plaintively, probably the operation takes place without anesthesia
The dude was shot in the penis with an air gun and judging by the reaction it was a voluntary execution. Video. DEADHOUSE
This guy was out of luck, he suffered a traumatic amputation of his hand, probably due to a road accident.
Breast cancer occurs in women and is one of the most common forms of cancer. Stage 3-4 breast cancer requires surgery
Open fracture. Looks like this guy lost his knee somewhere. It is unlikely that he will be able to dance the lambada. Video