Accident death, plans for major natural disasters, injuries not compatible with life

Full of drama, a video of tourists on snowmobiles. The group got caught in a snowstorm and was unable to break through the snow. One of the group members froze to death. His comrades lit a fire and thought that he had fallen asleep.
A little Indian fun accompanied by traditional music and a pistol in the hands of a drunk Hindu. What could go wrong?
Perhaps this guy decided to take an extreme selfie, or commit suicide, but he flew down from a great height and spectacularly spread his brains on the asphalt.
First, a man jumped out of the window, and after some time a fireman jumped out after him, who was able to break into the apartment on fire, but could not break back.
It's not clear what happened, but it looks like it was an accident while making a fire.
Due to the destruction of the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, the city of Kherson and 80 other settlements are partially flooded.
The kid wanted to climb over the fence and the fence pin pierced his ass. The poor man had to be rescued. As a result, the guy was taken to the hospital along with a fence.
What could be dumber than when a construction crane delivering concrete falls on the head of an old Jewish grandfather?
The workers were not very successful in rearranging the metal guides and got into the electrical switchboard at one end.
The peasant on the field decided to fix the threshing shaft, which was stuck, but he was pulled into the mechanism. The upper half of his body was taken out of the threshing machine piece by piece.