On this page we will tell you about our privacy policy and what data you keep with us after visiting the DEADHOUSE project.

We collect the following data:

IP addresses

Your IP address is recorded in the server logs and stored for about 3 days. This is necessary to track errors and unauthorized user actions. Hacking attempts, etc.


In the event that you add a comment, your email is recorded and stored in our database. You can request the deletion of your email, but in this case all your comments will be deleted.


For successful login and authorization on the project sites, cookies are set for you. You can delete installed cookies in your browser settings.


Information of media files with EXIF metadata uploaded by the user may contain information about the location of the shooting.

Third party services that receive your data


The project sites use hit counters provided by third-party sites. These services can also receive your IP address, geolocation and set cookies on your computer.


Advertising services also receive your data and store it on their servers.

Use of your data

Your data collected on our servers is used for statistics and is not passed on to third parties.

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