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Some idiot wrote a bunch of complaints about us. He complained to the DNS provider, complained to the domain name registrar, to the UN, the League for the Protection of Sexual Minorities, the Jedi Order and the Society for the Protection of Crustaceans and Molluscs, but this is not certain.
Hello, we're back in this filthy world of bloody guts and dismemberment. We visited Nirvana and I will say that there is nothing good there.
Hi guys! I have a rat infestation in my house. Big and grey. Very large rats. Very angry rats. (Details on the website)
Hi guys. 3 months of war between Russia and Ukraine have passed, we are still here and do not even sit in a Russian prison. We have changed the Russian domain and no longer have anything to do with the jurisdiction of Russia.
Somehow a dude knocked on my messenger with an offer to make a real snuff movie. I was a little taken aback by such a sudden offer, but agreed to listen to this guy
When you watch a video with some kind of fucking thing, it's very likely that this shit happens in Russia. I will try to answer the question why this is happening.
Believe it or not,, one of the most visible in the topic, has reopened. Now writes about badgers, mushrooms and ginger.
Our project has been experiencing some difficulties lately. They will block us somewhere, then they will disconnect us. This is not a complaint, but a statement of fact. DEADHOUSE has always been a problematic project