, this is and badgers

Believe it or not,, one of the most visible in the topic, has reopened.

Well, how it opened – appeared on the CMS WordPress site and began to fill up with um … badgers, mushrooms and ginger.

Well, and some other indistinct garbage. And judging by this page, the site still belongs to Mark Marek. was closed around the end of 2020 (I can’t even say for sure because the data was even deleted from the archive) and instead of the site there was a page where the author offered to buy the domain for an amount with 6 zeros.

Apparently there were no buyers. Now Mark writes on about his life in some wilderness.

Well, you can wish him luck, but I got a sarcastic grin when I saw that on one of the most odious projects, instead of dismembered corpses, badgers were being fed.

It reminded me of hammering nails with a microscope. Well, yes, nails can be driven in with a microscope, but it is for other purposes.

Just like, to which the Wikipedia article is dedicated, it has become a tool not intended for what it was created for.

I was still hoping that Mark had not deleted the database, but no. My account at does not exist, which means that all the site content accumulated over 12 years has been destroyed.

Quite a rash decision in my opinion.

However, I understand Mark, I myself have frozen the DEADHOUSE project for several years, but there were objective reasons for that.

Sites with such content as and DEADHOUSE are not highly profitable. Basically, everything rests on the enthusiasm of the owners. Any tube site with busty blondes and dicks sticking out from all over the place will do much more than a dismembered site.

This is probably a matter of principle. I will continue to support DEADHOUSE in any way. There are too few reasons not to continue doing this, but let write about badgers, maybe it will be interesting to someone.

However, why not write about badgers? If one of the visitors to the DEADHOUSE website fucks a badger or his corpse, we will definitely write about it!

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  1. Bestgore had it’s own spice to it, it’s own personality.
    It’s interesting that Mark is now into the off-the-grid / wilderness lifestyle, wouldn’t have expected that, but also actually somewhat appropriate in a weird way because of the gore and law problems he’s faced, and what not.

    The blog is called “No Phone Man”, and seems to be active, at the time of writing of this comment. It’s 20th / April / 2022, and his last post was April 17th, 3 days ago.

    This whole “slave to technology” concept is begging the question, so to speak. One may say “slave”, but why not just “user”? Are we slaves to food? And oxygen? I think it might be a little extreme to just cut yourself off from modern civilization even with it’s flaws and imperfection.

    Let’s say you’ve been at it for a while now, have your little shelter / cabin, whatever, are a seasoned survivor and have it all down to a routine. Your next logical step is always to make things easier on yourself, to automatize everything as much as possible. You are basically recreating the very thing you have abandoned, simply by logical necessity. Throwing your phone away is like throwing the hatchets and hammers away, that you are using in your day to day life now. You’re still hypocritically using modern technology to educate yourself on how to be able to do without it. What about having a wife and kids? Are you going to waste your one life you have away in the woods eating berries and perhaps farming chickens and eggs, hoping a deadly illness or infection doesn’t have you crawling back to a modern hospital? I understand he’s not 100% at that level yet, but that’s where he’s going.

    Throwing your phone away because it links you to a poisoned society is like barricading yourself in a room, whilst the house is on fire. The house is still gonna burn down, you included, except your eyes are closed through the whole process.
    The answer is always somewhere in between. Use modern technology, but don’t be a slave to it.
    Learn to rule the physical world, don’t let it rule you.

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