2 cats 1 guillotine


In the first part of the video, vivisectors and flayers cut a cat into two parts. In the second, the cat’s paws are cut off using a guillotine.

Probably China

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. They are perverted “People’s Republic of China” people.

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    2. Why doesn’t anyone ever meet these Chinese people? they make these videos all the time.

      1. Because they’re in China doing this shit they’re not in your country and no one in China cares about shit like this

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  4. I cant understand what kind of upbringing these degenerates had. idk im speechless. its a fucked up world

  5. I will kill those Chinese motherfuckers

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  6. Fr these things will kill and eat anything

  7. Why doesn’t anyone ever meet these Chinese people? they make these videos all the time

    1. Where to find them? What to do with them then? Legal repercussions? Do you have a gun? Do they have a gun? Are you ready to deal with all outcomes, whether be legal or personal safety? Are they in the same country? Are you willing to fly to China to do this?

  8. Fucking subhuman filth must be tortured to death, I’d love watching the mexican cartels have their way in the most disturbing and painful way ever

    1. 저 중국인 두놈은 극심한 고통을 느끼는 병에 걸려서 오래 오래 처참하게 살아라

  9. You all came here to watch corpses and murder videos, but you still hate people who abuse cats?

    Laughing to death, you still have the face to say you want to kill them, so aren’t you also of the same kind?

    1. 중국 삼합회는 저 두놈을 납치해서 순서대로 손가락.발가락.성기.팔.다리를 잘라서 길거리에 버려라

  10. Does anyone know some more cat/kitten YouTube videos ? Please drop link

  11. I swear on all that is holy I am ready to give my life to make sure there are no such lowly mud soulless heartless scavengers I would do absolutely anything even things that are not even close to your mind to pay yourself and pay yourself forever but first I will do it to everyone your loved ones which you will watch and I will do it with great pleasure and it will not atone for the vile nasty things you have done to the kind innocent animals I wish you to squirm every single second it hurts to die to shit yourself to rot and to be tormented constantly for the rest of your meaningless life to know that there are people like me and it is not a few on this earth and every day they look for and always find you a pitiful scavenger

  12. Piece of fucking shit gooks at it again. Nothing they do surprises me anymore. I just wish their absolute shithole communist nation would burn until its no more. The world would drastically improve without them.

  13. its always the chinks! just kill them all fr

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