Protests, clashes with the police, aggressive behavior at public events.

Police brutally detain protesters. The protests have been going on since April 14 after the French government raised the retirement age.
Protests were held in Dagestan after the announcement of mobilization. Dagestan is one of the regions of Russia where the largest number of men died during the hostilities in Ukraine.
Mass protests took place in Uzbekistan, several people were injured, but the government of Uzbekistan was forced to give in to the demands of the protesters.
The guy set fire to the draft board at night. Several dozens of cases of arsons of military enlistment offices in Russia have already been known. On social networks, users have created a map of arson.
The protesters met the police with stones and sticks. Tables and chairs were thrown at the policemen's heads. The police are forced to retreat.
The lockdown in connection with the coronavirus epidemic in Shanghai has been going on for two weeks now, and the patience of the inhabitants of this city has reached the limit.
Russian SOBR (Special Rapid Response Unit) beats a lying man at a protest against the occupation. Shots from automatic weapons are heard.