During a protest, dynamite exploded in a demonstrator’s hand


During the protest, a demonstrator from the Council of the Federation of Coca Producers had fun throwing dynamite, but something went wrong and the dynamite exploded in the protester’s hand.

Dynamite exploded in hand

As a result, the dude received an amputation of the forearm and a stomach injury. He was taken to the hospital where his condition is said to be critical.

La Paz, Bolivia.


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  1. FUCK that’s fucking terrifying , I mean there should be law that a human should be executed asap in these type of situation, where things are fucked UP beyond savings, no need to prolong their death.

    1. I am in total agreement with the above statement and in fact would like to add some more argument points I feel should further reinforce the statement as it is something! factually and 100% agree with, I am indeed relieved someone shares the same viewpoint as I do on the said matter.

  2. I would just ask to be ended at that moment

  3. Phineas Gage survived an explosive rebar injury to the head in the 1800s, but I guess they don’t teach this in the Virginia public schools anymore. Idiots.

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