Contract killings, street killings, gang disassemblies, assassinations on video

A man was walking down the street with his child and wife when he was attacked. However, the victim was not timid and opened fire on the attackers.
The man was carrying a child in his arms, but this did not stop the killer who shot him with a pistol and fled.
The woman was attacked by a street robber and stabbed several times with a knife. The robber has run away, and the woman is bleeding in the middle of the street.
The guy is brutally killed with a gun, and then the dude in fashionable leopard shorts decides that he also needs to knock out the brains from the corpse. So, just in case, otherwise he suddenly rises and turns into a zombie.
The bound guy was shot in the head with a whole clip from a pistol, just in case. Will it survive?
The killer entered the barbershop and shot a uniformed man in the stomach. It is not known whether the victim survived the assassination attempt.
When you smoke a cigarette at home, somewhere in Brazil, little Pedro or Gabriel dies. And yes, don't blame everything on Robertinho, usually it doesn't help.