Death as a result of terrorist acts, war, genocide

ISIS terrorists put some poor fellow in a cage, doused with gasoline and set fire to the choral singing of male voices. Allah is pleased.
The villagers gathered to organize self-defense. At this time, the military launched an air strike with the help of fighters, and then an MI-35 military helicopter flew in and finished off the rest.
Under fervent cries of ‘Allahu Akbar!’ one dude effectively cuts off the head of another dude. There is no doubt that after the execution the executioner will go to heaven with houris and backgammon.
Myanmar rebels execute regular army soldiers. It seems that one of them was left alive, but he was hit on the head by an RPG grenade.
A terrorist detonated an explosive device on a busy street in Istanbul. As a result of the attack, 6 people died and at least 80 were injured.
We don't know what this man did with the rag on his face. Maybe he peed on the Koran or drank whiskey in a public place, but this man was shot in cold blood to the chorus.
These guys in long shirts and vests with strange headdresses decided to diversify their executions. This is some kind of ISIS travel.