Interrogation of the terrorist who carried out the attack on Crocus City Hall


The caught terrorists who carried out the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall were severely beaten, one of them had his ear cut off. Later they were tortured by tying wires from an army telephone to their genitals, which were used as a current generator.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. We should treat all mass shooters in America like this. It’s ridiculous some of the people still alive. Killing people is wrong sure, but the only thing certain people understand is physical punishment. This is the 21st century, I think we are sophisticated people yes? We need to talk openly about these things with people, deterrence, fear, respect. We need men over women, whites in control of our own countries, sexual deviants kept in check. Women should not be allowed to have abortions, they are not reproducing anywhere enough as it is in Europe and east Asia and even north America now too. Basically, we need to be like Russia, who even though I am young American, I acknowledge to be the guardian of the traditional European heritage, including true ferocity

    1. Author

      You, like many other Americans of conservative views, are making a big mistake in considering Russia to be a stronghold of Christian values, ethics and ethics.
      Under the guise of the pillar of the guardians of traditional values lies false propaganda, absolute immorality and duplicity in front of the Western world.
      On the one hand, Russia shows itself as a multi-religious country where Christianity, Islam, Judaism flourishes and all of this lives in peace and prosperity.
      On the other hand, this is total theft, hatred of people of other faiths and fascist ideology, which will be studied by descendants, putting it on the same shelf as the ideas of Hitler.

  2. They should have forced them to eat pigmeat. That would be good punishment for them.

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