Terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall


On Friday evening, March 23, 2024, at approximately 19:10 Moscow time, four terrorists in a Renault car drove up to the Crocus City Hall shopping center.

The terrorists entered the shopping center and opened fire with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a modified Saiga TR3 automatic hunting rifle.

Saiga TR3
Saiga TR3

Later, this rifle, painted in yellow camouflage, will be found at the crime scene.

Having entered the building, the terrorists began to kill people in the hall, and then went into the concert hall where a concert of the popular Russian rock band Picnic was scheduled.

At this time there were about 6,500 people in the hall.

The terrorists began shooting at the concert audience, and then set fire to the entrances to the concert hall with a homemade flamethrower.

Then, continuing to shoot at people they came across along the road, the terrorists left the building and at about 20:10 got into the same parked Renault car and left the crime scene without hindrance.

At this time, police officers began to arrive at the scene, and at about 9 p.m., special forces arrived on the scene to storm the building. A fire started in Crocus City Hall and quickly spread.

People who did not have time to leave the building suffocated in the smoke.

As a result of the terrorist attack, 140 people died, some of whom were killed by terrorists, some suffocated in the smoke of the fire, and several more people died in the hospital.

More than 200 people were injured.

Moscow, Russia.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. gunmen probably trained or instructed by jews (American jews, British jews, European jews, Asian jews and jews elsewhere parasitizing in every other countries…) to kill women and kids and old men such as concert-going non-violent men….. These jews had a history of such recorded in every country they set their footprints upon, even mentioned in Bibles and other school textbooks. The nukes thrown on Japanese civilians…. the internet and media they so control go straight into every family home on this planet to pray on women and kids to stir shits on their minds……just to name a few.

    Won’t be surprised some strange diseases landed on these kikes everywhere on this planet, slow and painful punishments upon them and they will have nowhere to escape and hide.

    1. Yeaaaah jews trained and instructed these clearly Islamic men to do all of that. Lot of brain dead folks comment here like flies to the videos of all the corpses here, but man your comment was so brain dead I had to say something. I mean wow. Clearly your mother drank quite a bit of liquor while she was pregnant. Dear god, man. Is your micropeen that bad you manifest hate for whatever random group of people you think are responsible for that tiny peen?

      1. @Dingle Dinglestein, ya ya ya Einstein, that guy or gal was talking facts in general, why u hv to bring their women into discussions?? Is this an old jewish habbit….attack the women and the old folks again??

        1. you blind bro? MUSLIMS DID THIS, NOT JEWS.

          1. both these 2 ethnic groups originated from the same Y-chromosome, except that one became despicable and got chased away, deceiving others around the world, incuding training others to be terrorists.

    1. terrorists face blurred….. to protect the Ukranian Jews and American Jews and British Jews…..maybe.


        1. Author

          What do all the Muslims have to do with it? The terrorist attack was carried out by representatives of an Islamic sect.
          Normal Muslims condemn this terrorist attack.

          1. Strongly agree. And possibly that rogued sect funded by jewish financiers to buy some dope and carried out attacks on their own kind. Zalenskyy definitely high on suspect lists.

          2. Author

            You are not alone in your conspiracy ideas.
            This terrorist attack shook Russian and Ukrainian social networks.
            Some conspiracy theorists believe that the FSB and Putin are behind this terrorist attack.
            However, we are accustomed to trusting facts and logic.
            1. The brother of one of the participants in the attack in 2014-2016 went to Syria where he fought on the side of ISIS. Thus, we understand that the family had radical Islamist views.
            2. The terrorists were detained very harshly (this video has not yet been published). One of them had his ear cut off during detention, the second suffered a ruptured bladder.
            Not a single person would agree that for 500,000 rubles ($5,400) they cut off his ear, beat him and tortured him with electric shock. This is the amount the terrorists were supposed to receive after completing the task.

            Here the basic motives of poor people with bad ideas converged.

  2. Hahahaha!! Russia deserves it.

  3. Fuck russia. It totally deserved it. Seeing people who are still dying in Ukraine over the 2 years of ongoing mentally retarded war from those barbaric savages called russians. And look at the death toll of their pathetic “army”? Over 380,000+ 1000s of more in those 2 years. russia’s “krumbling” hard, LMFAO.😈

    1. I thought about 500,000 Ukris died… Ruski death toll is a lot less…

      Didn’t Jew-midget Zelenski recently start conscripting 50 year old Ukris and pregnant women, to throw them into the meat grinder?

  4. I’m an American, more specifically a Floridian and this enrages me. We have a city in my state named after a major city in Russia (St Petersburg) and I can’t think of one single place where we share the name with a Muslim nation. It’s time for the USA to accept Russia as the white/Christian/Europeans that they are and realize that they’re our brothers in the end. The MUSLIMS are the ENEMY!

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