Suicide at the shooting range


Suicide at the shooting range. The man shot himself in the head in front of the shooting instructor.

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  1. Not a bad way to commit suicide. Fast and accurate

    1. Lmao Indeed, Sadly right now he is burning in hell for all his regret.

      1. Hell does not exist idiot. His consciousness is finally free from this stupid bullshit world

        1. Warum machst Du es dann nicht auch, Du Spinner?

  2. What a dumbass, this handsome young guy has his whole life ahead of him, he was distraught in the moment and then off’ed himself. What a dumbass. Just don’t commit suicide kids, you’re young, dumb, and full of cum, life gets better, just choose to live and don’t be a dumbass!

    1. How old are u since u be saying shit like that

    2. I don’t think any kids are on this page tho, maybe like 1 or 2

        1. “Maybe like 1 or 2” you are the “1”.

    3. Wtf? Lmfao ? I can’t stop laughing at this shit wtf? May I ask how much old u are cuz u sounds so poetic.

    4. lmao! that’s hilarious ?

    5. Let me guess, high school is so hard, you just can’t get good grades in math and mommy is going to be mad. Or the little slut from your class broke up with you. On top of this, nobody understands you. You’re so much smarter and “deeper” than everybody. So hard being 17…
      Damn. Those are some serious problems. High school is so hard. Yeah, suicide is the only way to go.

      Listen to OP, angsty teens. It’s just a phase. You’ll grow out of it like you grew out of your diapers. Don’t kill yourselves.

      1. Na fuck that. Shit only gets worse. Might as well pull the trigger and put an end to a lifetime of pain.

        1. Then why don’t you, if you really believe in that?
          And in just what way does it get worse? Social problems? Financial problems?

    6. Nah just another inbred white trash
      The more dead the better the world gets
      These retarded cousin fuckers love shooting shit especially their schools

      They’re all cancer

  3. Sind hier echt nur Spinner auf der Seite?

  4. Good job white man. Keep going.

    1. Bist Du ein Neger oder Araber oder Türke?

  5. poor instructor who wasn’t expecting it

  6. he is not white, he is Brazilian

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