The man blew up his own apartment


In Novy Uregnoe, a man tried to commit suicide with household gas. He turned on the gas, waited for the room to fill with gas and lit a fire.

As a result, the wall of the building partially collapsed, the facing of the house was damaged, cracks appeared on the walls, and a fire broke out in the demolition man’s apartment. Residents were evacuated from the building.

Consequences of a gas explosion

But the most surprising thing is that the culprit of the explosion was practically not injured. The suicide attempt failed. He was taken to hospital with burns to his hands.

Novy Urengoy, st. Molodezhnaya, 7g. Russia.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393


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  1. Stuff you own ends up owning you. Losing all hope is freedom.

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