Academ maniacs – "hammermen"

Academic maniacs
Artem Anufriev and Nikita Lytkin. Serial killers


In the age of vanity and social media, killers are increasingly sharing videos of their crimes. Vanity has not escaped and Akademov maniacs – killers Artem Anufriev and Nikita Lytkin. It was the terrible video that led to the arrest of the maniacs.

In the fall of 2010, the Irkutsk district “Akademgorodok” was shocked by the terrible news – a maniac-killer is operating in the area. Attacks took place regularly, the victims were mostly women and children.

Sometimes the locals found mutilated corpses of homeless people with severed ears and gouged eyes.

The press likes to call the cause of destructive behavior modern trends. Violent computer games, social networks or youth informal movements. For some reason, academic maniacs appeared before the public such “heroes” of social networks.

Indeed, in 2010, social networks were developing rapidly and academic maniacs could not help but take advantage of this.

However, note that Andrei Chikatilo or Sergey Golovkin acted when no social networks existed, and the most popular computer game was Tetris.

Psychologists say that the influence of the latest technologies does not affect the appearance of maniacs-killers and having considered more details of the personality of academic maniacs in this is easy to see.

Both serial killers Artem Anufriev and Nikita Lytkin grew up without a father, both of them were insular, both of them were psychologically pressured. Artem Anufriev was heavily influenced by his mother Nina Anufrieva, and Nikita Lytkin was influenced by his school environment.

Artem Anufriev

Serial Killer Artem Anufriev
Serial Killer Artem Anufriev
Artem Anufriev

Artem Anufriev studied well, but his mother’s excessive demands for her son’s performance eventually brought his son to the dock.

Artem Anufriev really engaged in music in the class of guitar and double bass and this passion will also find use, though somewhat not as he would like to see his mother.

Another important touch to the portrait of Artem Anufriev. Shortly after entering the medical school Artem Anufriev was beaten by a group of ethnic Armenians. A criminal case was initiated, but soon terminated by mutual reconciliation of the parties.

This is how Artem Anufriev’s friend describes his mother, who was a witness from the defense:

Artem is a good-natured boy, polite, he has never heard a bad word. He’s passionate and capable. By nature soft, kind, led. They had a boy who always organized something – basketball, tennis. Until Artyom calls, you invite him, he won’t. They had a musical group; when the organizer left town, the group broke up. Artyom’s mother offered to create a new band, but he could not because he did not have organizational skills.

Nikita Lytkin

Nikita Lytkin
Nikita Lytkin. Serial killer
Nikita Lytkin

In contrast to Artem Anufriev, Nikita Lytkin did not study well.Niktita L
ytkin grew up without a father in a working family. Nikita’s mother worked as a saleswoman in a shoe store. Niktita’s father is Ossetian by nationality and this will also play a role later.

Something happened to Nikita in the 5th grade. He shut up, started learning badly. Nikita Lytkin’s classmates bullied him at school. Nikita did not respond to the attacks, but always said one phrase that amused schoolchildren: “Die!”

For this, he got the nickname Jimbo by the name of a character from the animated series “The Simpsons.”

Lytkin’s classmates believe that he was locked up because he was jealous. Everyone had mobile phones, and Nikita’s family led a rather modest lifestyle.

One day at a birthday party with his friend Nikita Lytkin met Artem Anufriev, who was a year older. Since then, they have started a friendly relationship.

Academic maniacs. Children's photograph of Anufriev and Lytkin
Academic maniacs. Children’s photograph of Anufriev and Lytkin

Dismembered Pugachova

School friends often spent time together, taking into account the musical abilities of Artem, the guys created a musical group Dismembered Pugachova. The band performed music in the style of nois and neuzkor.

The group’s lyrics were rife with profanity.

Here’s one example (the original spelling is saved):

About the Russian cocks rockers: The truth about the death of Victor Tsoi:

Once upon a time there lived a bitch Victor Tsoi
He was a fag fool blue
Narrow-eyed fag
Asshole shook testicles
He was a bitch bestial
Necrophil and gerontophile
Cocksucker lover
Loved incest and sucking dicks
I'll tell you now
Fucking story
The true story of
How dead is this asshole

One of the clips of the Academic maniacs of the group “Dismembered Pugacheva”



Artem Anufriev soon became close to the neo-Nazi movement Irkutsk.

Academic maniacs
Academic maniacs. Artem Anufriev on the “Russian March”

In 2009, a conflict broke out between Anufriev and a group of ethnic Armenians. It all started with a verbal altercation in the social network Vkontakte. The Armenians set up a meeting with Anufrieva and beat him. The criminal case was opened, but soon terminated on the “mutual transfixation of the parties.” The Armenians paid Anufriev 50,000 rubles.

After this incident, Anufriev became even more closed.

In 2010, Anufriev even took part in the “Russian March.”

However, according to the neo-Nazi leader, nicknamed Boomer Anufriev did not fit into the party skinheads, he hated people too much.

Lytkin neo-Nazis did not accept at all because of his father-Ossetian and “shameful” middle name Vakhtangovic.

Deeming the skinhead movement too soft “hammers” soon found more radical supporters in groups of misanthropes – “headhunters” in which hatred of people flourished.

The world is over. You can do anything. You’re always right. Kill anyone, and now you’re not a pathetic kid with a chicken neck, but a superman.”

Soon Anufriev created a social group Vkontakte called “Pichushkin – our president” and was dedicated to the Battsev maniac Alexander Pichushkin.

Anufriev was also led by the public Dismembered Pugachova. Academic maniacs were marked by comments in groups of neo-Nazis and misanthropes.

There’s no place for posers in our group. Only those who decide the fate of the bull or are only going to start serious actions are allowed. If you’re determined, you’re here.

The group “Dismembered Pugacheva” will be the successor of the “Magic of Blood” business not only in the musical sense, but also in the present sense.

Lytkin created a group Vkontakte dedicated to the Irkutsk gang “The Magic of Blood”, and one of the music albums (RF) was dedicated to this group.

It was the activity of academic maniacs in the social network Vkontakte that caused the press to label “hammermen” “maniacs from social networks”.

What was the motive for the murders committed by academic maniacs still does not have a consensus.

At the trial Artem Anufriev said that the desire to kill appeared after their participation in the neo-Nazi movement.

In fact, behind any actions of maniacs is a distorted perception of reality and a deep mental and moral disorder.

We are gods!

Most of the victims of the Academ maniacs are women. Anufriev explained this by saying that Lytkin was afraid to attack the men because the man could fight back against the killers.

We are gods! We decide who lives and who dies!

Most of the killings took place in the Akademgorodok area. Unsuspecting people returned from work through the forest park and easily became victims of maniacs.

The killings were carried out in roughly the same way.

The victim was attacked from behind and stabbed several times in the head with a kiyanka or a baseball bat. When the victim fell she was pushed to the ground by the same kiyankas and used a knife.

Very rarely academies beckoned something from the belongings of their victims.  Sometimes the killers carried out two attacks a day. Some murder maniacs were filmed on video camera.

Attacks of Academic maniacs

November 14, 2010 – Attacks on 19-year-old Anastasia Markovskaya. By chance, the girl managed to survive.

When the girl wrote about it on the social network, academic maniacs asked her: what did she feel when she was hit on the head with a hammer? Was she scared? They followed the media, searched for information about their attacks on social networks and kept a register of their own victims.

November 24, 2010 – Attacks on a 46-year-old woman. The bag was stolen. A criminal case has been opened.

December 1, 2010 – Assault on a woman. Accidental witnesses spooked the maniacs.

On the same day, the attack on 12-year-old schoolboy Danila Semenov. First, the child was stunned with a kiyanka and finished off with baseball bats, then Nikita Lytkin with force put a folding knife in the temple of the victim.

Victim of Academic Maniacs
Murdered Danila Semenov

When the child was found he was still alive but died before the ambulance arrived. It was the first victim killed. Academic maniacs began their bloody journey.

December 16, 2010 – 69-year-old Olga Pirog was killed at almost the same place. The handwriting of the murder was the same as the murder of Danila Semenov. The woman was stunned from behind by a kick to the head, then stabbed several more with a baseball bat and killed with knives.

There were more than 50 stab wounds on the body of the victim.

Victim of Academic Maniacs
Victim of academic maniacs. Olga Pirog

December 29, 2010 – Academic maniacs attack Inessa Svetlov, but bystanders spooked the killers. The woman survived.

An hour later that day, the attack on Ekaterina Karpova, who was returning home with her 6-year-old niece. At the time of the attack, Ekaterina Karpova was pregnant and told the maniacs about it, but it did not stop them

Ekaterina Karpov was beaten with kiyankas, and her niece managed to escape and run away.

The woman was saved by the fact that on the road there was a car with the lights on, which scared off the “hammers”.

Interview of Ekaterina Karpova, who survived the Hammerman attack

January 1, 2011 – Attack on a homeless man. At about 5 a.m., Anufriev and Lytkin attacked a homeless man who was alone near the dumpsters near the house no. 319 on Lermontov Street, stabbed him about 40 times and broke his head with a kiyanka.

Killing a homeless man
Academic maniacs. Killing a homeless man.

January 30, 2011 – Attack on Oleg Semenov. Student Oleg Semenov was returning home from a nightclub late at night when he was attacked by Anufriev and Lytkin.

Walked from the street. Oldkuzmikhinskaya to his home in Akademgorodok. Here is Semyonov talking about that ill-fated day:

– I was not far from the house when I saw that two young people had been turned ar
ound the corner. I hurried, but heard a crunch of snow behind me. I turned around, ha
ving noticed that one of the attackers was wearing a gray truncheon, authored in a b
lack jacket with a hood, and immediately received a blow to the head with somethi
ng heavy. They pulled a knitted hat off my head and continued beating. I
sat on the cards with my hands around my head. And they beat and beat. Then I ran to
my house. They didn’t follow me. I ran into a nearby porch because he wa
s open, reached the second floor and lost consciousness. I woke up about two ho
urs later.

Oleg came to the apartment where his sister was covered in blood. The girl called for a
ambulance. Doctors registered lacerations of the head, conc
ussion, head injury.Oleg Semenov
survived the attack of the Academic maniacs.

 February 3, 2011 – Attacks on an elderly woman; She was later taken to hospital with an open head injury.

February 21, 2011 – Murder of Alexander Maksimov. Maximov visited his sister where they had a few drinks for the meeting. On the way through the forest park, Maksimov was attacked.

Maniacs acted as usual, attacking from the back. Anufriev stabbed Maksimov several times in the back of the goal, and Lytkin shot him in the back of the head with a Baikal air pistol.

Then the fallen Maksimov was hit in the head
with a quianka and his lower jaw was broken.

February 27, 2011 – Lytkin single-handedly attacks Nina Kuzmina, who was sitting on a bench near 297th Street. Lermontov. Lytkin hit the woman twice in the head, but she did not lose consciousness and raised a scream. A policeman who lived in a nearby house looking out the window scared off the killer.

Nina Kuzmina. Hammerman's victim
Nina Kuzmina. Survivor of hammerheads

On the night of March 10 to 11, 2011 – an attack on a homeless man. Criminals attacked a homeless man on a footpath near the stop “State University, not far from the house of Anufriev. Anufriev shot the victim twice in the face with an air pistol, after which the two of them with Lytkin dragged the body into the bushes and began stabbing him in the head, in the groin area and in the chest. Lytkin tried to cut off his hand, but because the knife was small, he managed to cut off only the little finger. Later, Anufriev photographed a corpse, followed by a trail of blood, from the window of his apartment.

Between mid-March and early April, academic maniacs carried out two more unsuccessful attacks.

At first, the killers attacked the homeless man, but a random witness who lived in a nearby house scared the criminals.

Then attack a woman in an arch between the houses. Anufriev said the woman was hit several times with a screwdriver, but fearing random witnesses ran away with the victim’s bag.

Video of Academic maniacs

April 3, 2011 – attack on a homeless man. The killers filmed the murder scene on the video, which we offer to your attention.


At Alevtina Kuydina, without a certain place of residence, the killer’s ear was cut off which was soon thrown on the porch of school No.19.


At the end of March 2011, sketches of the alleged killers were pasted on each post of Akademgorodok.

On the bulletin board of the Institute of Organic Chemistry, where Nikita Lytkin’s grandmother worked, there were also these sketches. And one of the alleged killers looked suspiciously like Nikita’s grandson.

Together with their son, Nikita’s uncle Vladislav, they went home. There was a video camera on the table in Nikita’s room. Turning on the video, the relatives were horrified by what they saw. The video showed the murder of the woman in great detail and mocking the corpse.

Nikita Lytkin’s uncle took the recording to the police. The Academ maniacs were detained on the same day.

The Internet groups of Artem Anufriev and Nikita Lytkin included dozens of people from different cities of Russia. After the headhunters were detained, a campaign in support of them began on social networks.

Investigation and trial

The trial of Artem Anufriev and Nikita Lytkin, accused of a series of murders in Irkutsk Akademgorodok, took place in the winter and spring of 2010- 2011.

Investigator in the case of Academic maniacs
Yevgeny Karczewski, Investigator in Specially Important Cases of the Irkutsk Region

While the public prosecutor interrogated the victims and witnesses, many of whom could not contain their tears, the defendant Anufriev, who did not admit guilt on most episodes, methodically outlined their testimony on sheets of the A4 format, and after another break with a tired look began to chew gum.

His younger accomplice Lytkin, whose mother as a legal representative also participated in the meeting, in contrast to his leader was impeached and guilty of six murders, eight attempts and mockery of the corpse admitted completely.

In total, 19-year-old Artem Anufriev and Nikita Lytkin, who were dubbed “hammers” by one of the murders, were charged with 18 serious and especially serious crimes within the extremist community.

Artem Anufriev was recognized by the investigation as the leader of the extremist community.

The activities of the extremist community, which consisted of Anufriev and Lytkin, began in October 2010, when two school friends, who share sympathies with Andrei Chikatilo, Alexander Pichushkin and other maniacs, as well as posing as a group of “white supremacists” whose ideology is based on “hatred of the human species in general”, began to develop plans for murder. The existence of the organized group ended on April 6, 2011, when Anufriev, who had already reached the age of eighteen, and Lytkin, a minor, were detained.

In most cases, Lytkin was the first to beat. According to the investigation, he did so “aware that his actions could result in the death of the victim, and wishing it, from the back and with considerable force.”

In addition to murder and attempted murder, the defendants are charged with robbery and abuse of the body of the deceased, committed on the grounds of ideological hatred. Anufriev was also charged with 14 counts of involvement in the crime of a minor Lytkin.

The Public Prosecution Service uses the testimony of witnesses and the defendants themselves, as well as the data of many forensic examinations as direct evidence. The defendant Anufriev pleaded guilty to only two murders, which were recorded on electronic media. Lytkin confessed in court on all charges, except for the organization of the extremist community.

The investigation was conducted for a long time, because the academic maniacs are numerous episodes.

Many witnesses and victims were questioned. Victims described details of the attack. In most cases, people were saved literally by a miracle.

After his arrest, various extremist materials, including the propaganda of the Third Reich, were found in Anufriev and Lytkin’s apartment.

At the preliminary investigation, the Hammers admitted to being supporters of the radical movements “Misanthropes” and “National Socialism/White Power” (NS/WP National-Socialism/Waite Pover), a neo-Nazi organization that grew up on the ideas of German National Socialism of the 1920s and 1940s and modern neo-Nazism.

The Misanthropes adhere to an even more radical ideology that prescribes to hate not only representatives of individual national, social and other groups, but also humanity as a whole.

More than 70 people were subscribers to the page of Anufriev and Lytkin “Vkontakte” where extremist information was posted. Some of them were reported crimes, but they did not apply to the law enforcement agencies.

Experts gave an opinion on the ideology, which adhered to Anufriev and Lytkin. Its followers deny the foundations of modern society and the State, despise religion, morality and law, propagate and commit murders of people in order to “cleanse” the world and assert themselves as “superhumans”. They consider themselves “gods” who are allowed everything.

Hammermen” not only did not hide their beliefs, but also promoted them on the Internet and among their acquaintances.

In March 2011, leaflets calling on citizens to be vigilant were distributed in Irkutsk Akademgorodok. One of the policemen saw on three leaflets the affidavits made by a ballpoint pen:




Were the Academ maniacs imitators of Dnipropetrovsk maniacs? Probably not, but they closely followed the progress of the investigation into the case of Dnipropetrovsk maniacs. As Lytkin stated: “We took an example from them. And with “Blood Magic.

On April 2, 2013, the Irkutsk Regional Court sentenced Anufriev to life imprisonment with serving in a special regime colony, and Lytkin to 24 years in prison.

Trial of academic maniacs
Trial of academic maniacs

During the sentencing Artem Anufriev broke down in tears when he realized that he could not escape life imprisonment.

On October 3, 2013, the Supreme Court granted the appeal, and Nikita Lytkin’s lawyers reduced his prison term to 20 years. He will be released in 2031.

In total, the Academov maniacs will have to pay the families of the victims 2,750,000r (about $40,000).

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