Drunk police officer received a suspended sentence

December 5, 2020 a police officer attempted to rape a 13 year old girl and shot her in the leg from a traumatic gun. The crime was recorded by a surveillance camera.

The girl’s parents drank alcoholic beverages with the offender. They forced their 13-year-old daughter to drink with them. Police officer Ivan Knyazev began to sexually harass the teenager, and when the girl refused, he shot her in the leg with a traumatic pistol.

This incident was recorded by a surveillance camera near the entrance. In response to the girl’s screams, passers-by called a police squad and an ambulance.

Knyazev was arrested the next day, placed under house arrest and suspended from service.

On March 9, the Simonovsky District Court of Moscow sentenced Ivan Knyazev to 3 years probation under Article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Hooliganism”.

The public is outraged by such a lenient sentence.

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    1. The traumatic gun fires rubber bullets or rubber-coated steel bullets.
      Such a bullet pierces soft tissues to a shallow depth, but cannot penetrate the body.

  1. What point did he actually shoot her I didn’t see the gun go off or cycle when he was pointing it in her general direction kinda seems more like he pointed it towards her feet maybe. Even at that point I didn’t see the firearm go off or eject a round. Definitely saw her reaction and him (try) comfort her her.

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