Daughter and granddaughter lived for 1.5 months with mummy

Mummified corpse
Mummified corpse

In Moscow, in the Otradnoye district, the family lived with the corpse of her grandmother for a pension.

73-year-old grandmother, 53-year-old daughter and 15-year-old granddaughter lived in the same apartment.
1.5 months ago, grandmother died, presumably from a stroke.
The family continued to receive her grandmother’s pension and did not report death because they needed money.

On August 27, neighbors insisted that the district police officer check the apartment as it came from an unpleasant smell.
Surprisingly, the district police officer was let in, and her daughter convinced the policeman that her grandmother was alive, despite the fact that instead of her grandmother, there were mummified remains on the bed.

An investigation is underway.


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