Hindu fell into a boiling pot of porridge


Indian recipe for making oatmeal: we take a man and put him in a boiling cauldron with porridge. Take out after half done.

In fact, the dude got dizzy and fell into a huge cauldron of oatmeal that was being prepared for the Aadi Velli holiday. The man received 65% burns to his body and died in hospital two days later.

Madwai, India.


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  1. Why you didn’t posted the video? Just curious ☺️

      1. woah, how did you get a direct video link? i wanna be able to download these too!

        1. In this case: CTRL + U, then CTRL + F and look for “mp4”.

  2. It took an annoyingly long while for him to get the fuck out.
    Notice how there’s no safety measures.
    Just big vats of boiling semisolids almost on the middle of the street. No implements to flip the vat over in case some retard falls in. On top of that, they’re barefoot.

    1. Do you think there will be safely measures in subhuman primitive country? Nee!

  3. They let him cook long enough for a minute. The idiocy of these moron

    1. Author

      Have you tried catching dumplings from a pot of boiling water? Imagine that this is a big dumpling.

  4. I think he was drunk or suddenly felt ill or dizzy.

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