• DEADHOUSE.RU(ORG) is a private project and was created for educational purposes.
  • The website DEADHOUSE.RU(ORG) is not an expression of opinion on any issues, does not aim at the promotion of violence or sexual deviation.
  • Evaluating the contents of the DEADHOUSE.RU(ORG) website makes sense as documentary content with a specific focus.
  • The DEADHOUSE.RU project has an English version of DEADHOUSE.ORG and you can use any of them.

Answers to frequently asked questions

A: Why such a site?
Q: Why did people create a sheep clone, an electric car, or why did they fly to the moon? Because they could.

A: I want to close your site, I do not like it!
Q: The possibility of closing the site DEADHOUSE.RU(ORG) exists. Get owners interested in buying the DEADHOUSE.RU(ORG) domain.

A: I found on the DEADHOUSE.RU(ORG) website photo and video materials about my relatives and friends. I demand their removal!
Q: Contact the site administrator. Information is subject to deletion in the presence of identity documents (their electronic copies).

A: Children can see these materials!
Q: Children can see not only these materials, but also pornography, terrorist sites and other 18+ content. A warning about “adult” content is triggered when you try to enter the site.
In general, protecting your child from “adult” content is the task of the parents. To limit the viewing of “adult” sites on the computers of your children will help special programs.

A: I added a comment, but it did not appear.
Q: Comments are being moderated; your comment will appear a bit later.

A: How to add an avatar?
Q: Use the Gravatar service, it is convenient. Then all sites using CDN Gravatar will automatically add an avatar to your comments.

A: How often is the site updated?
Q: The site is updated daily at 8 a.m. Albanian time. Sometimes there are delays.

A: How often is the site updated?
Q: The site is updated daily at 8 a.m. Albanian time. Sometimes there are delays.

A: How do I get site updates?
Q: To receive updates, use an RSS reader, for example, one for Android OS or one for Iphone and Mac OS.
Add our RSS feeds to your reader and stay up to date with site updates.

Channel update feeds:

New comments feed:

A: I want to use a video or photo from your project. How to do it?
No problem. You can use photo and video materials of the site in any convenient way, download and distribute, except for embedding photos and videos in the pages of other resources. With regard to display materials in the RSS feed, you can configure caching in such a way as not to overload our servers.
Recorded attempts to use direct photo and video URLs will be regarded as hotlinks and restrictions may be imposed on groups of IP addresses that are abused by this.

A: I saw a spelling or stylistic mistake in your notes. This is very funny, ahaha!
Q: We speak Russian, know and understand English, Ukrainian, Armenian and a little German.
Unfortunately, we do not speak Spanish and Portuguese. If you notice an error, write in the comment to the post.

A:You have a “Negro” in your posts. That sounds very racist!
Q: About the word “Negro” and other intolerant expressions.
We are Russians. For our mentality, the word “Negro” does not have a negative connotation.
We try to avoid racist expressions, but sometimes they appear by chance due to a literal translation.

A: I did not find the answer to my question.
Q: Ask your question by contacting us in any convenient way. Or visit our blog, there are many answers to the questions we are often asked.


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