Traffic accident death, accident report & movie

No, this is not a typo. The woman was sucked into the motorcycle. A child was involved in the accident, but he probably did not return. An absolutely crazy situation.
The man set up a real bowling alley where he used living people as skittles, and his own car as a bowling ball. As a result of the collision with people, 5 people were killed and 13 more were injured.
An ambulance hit an old woman while reversing. The comic of the situation is that the doctors arrived at the call for a completely different reason.
What kind of steaks do you like? Medium done or bloody? The poor bastard in the video probably won't survive.
A motorcyclist's leg was torn off during an accident and his corpse lies on the pavement in an intricate pose. Perhaps in childhood they asked him: ‘Can you get your foot to your head?’ And now, many years later, he managed to do this trick.
The car crashed into a street store and crushed one of the sellers to death. It is noteworthy that one girl managed to get out from under the bottom of the car.