Torture, executions, chopping off limbs

A naked man in handcuffs is beaten with a stick. More precisely, this is not a stick, but some kind of hefty board. At the end, the executor breaks this board on the man's back.
These guys forgot to sharpen their tools and are trying to cut the dude's head off with a dull knife. The dude is still alive and emits death rattles.
There is a strong expression “shoot yourself in the foot” and in this video we are witnessing just such a process. It is curious that the guys do not ask for mercy.
The girl is severely whipped. It is not entirely clear whether spanking is a punishment or an extreme sexual deviation.
Some guys were handcuffed, thrown with garbage, and they are trying to burn them alive. At the same time, the victims try to get up and run away. Usually, execution with a necklace is used in some African countries for especially serious crimes: murders, robberies, rapes.
A handcuffed man in a camouflage uniform is raped with a mop. Insiders report that it is the Wagner PMC fighters who are having a preventive conversation with a colleague.
The executor beat the thief with a stick with such enthusiasm that he broke the instrument of torture. Probably Brazil.
The dude is severely beaten with a stick for wanting to give the police members of a criminal gang.