Torture, executions, chopping off limbs

This guy was accused of rape, but was soon released from prison due to insufficient evidence. Then the victim's relatives took him to a secluded place, burned his genitals, cut off his ear and eventually killed him.
The dude was disassembled into parts and put together into an installation from body parts. Or is this a performance? However, give this video to Adidas – Sport Forever! Impossible is nothing!
Some fat nigga got his arms cut off and his guts gutted out. Surprisingly, the poor guy is still alive. No, these guys clearly failed the transplant test.
A robber broke into a woman's house and threatened her with a gun. For this, he is burned alive using car tires.
The dude is tied to the back of a pickup truck and beaten on his bare ass with sticks. The victim screams and writhes terribly.