The rapist’s head was smashed with a sledgehammer


Quick lynching with a sledgehammer. After a short conversation, the rapist’s head is broken.


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  1. Want to hear a joke I sorta made up? The three freeway killers, who between them killed at least 150 men and boys, mostly in southern California, between 1962 and 1983, are all sitting playing bridge in a jail cell with another man in San Quentin Penitentiary. The year is 1992. William Bonin, deranged ex-Vietnam tail gunner, takes a drag from a cigarette and says, ‘If there was even a tomcat here, I would rape it I would suffocate it I would stomp on it.’ 132 IQ Randy Kraft giggles and says ‘I would burn it, cut it’s tendons, cut it’s eyelids.’ Patrick Kearney, formerly a sickly child liltingly sighs ‘And than after it’s dead, I will sodomize it, over, and over again, and cut it into little pieces.’ The fourth man Lawrence Bittaker, having killed only 5 women, than laughs the laugh of the sole heterosexual in the room and says ‘Meow you faggots.’

    PS. This story did not happen, probably, but there is no reason it could not have. Apparently some of those real men did play bridge together in prison. And although only these four worst of the worst were on death row for their countless senseless murders their many accomplices were not and only one was ever executed and two are still alive. They still sit on California death row along with Chinese subhumans like Charles Ng, while faggot liberals refuse to turn those fags into crisps.

    PPS America is the great Satan, and I will throw myself off a tall building in order to kill a homosexual.

  2. OK, this was far by thr fucking worst gore exectution I have seen. Can’t fandom what was going through that nigger when his head was smashed like that

    1. Ngu thì chết hiếp dâm đang bị vậy

  3. the girl said they had sex with consent after he got sledgehammer games

  4. sledgehammer??

    OK, now the rapist dead, was the man being raped alive?? and now this Haitian superhero nigger needs to wash his T-shirt, bleach his pants and underwear, brush his teeth, shampoo his hair, rinse his fucking mouth else his boyfriend won’t let him suck ….what a waste of time…..

    Use a GUN, a modern invention to suppress beastly savages like niggers and hindus and jews…..Just 2 bullets to the head will do the jobs.

    Once again proved nigger men, hindu men, jewish men, most of them bisexual, are very violent savages. Exterminate them at a distance.

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