Woman raped in the street


Rape got on surveillance cameras. The woman desperately resists the rapist.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Fucking filthy, mans so horny he goes in the street and fucks the first girl in sight. Honestly would beat his ass with my fists

    1. O problema é que ninguém foi ajudar :-/

    2. And i wanna use my hands to give him a BIG High five ✋? HEYOOOOO!

  2. This man needs his cock and balls flaying then set on fire like ghost riders face was, fuck this guy rapey motherfucker

  3. Duuude this guy is my fucking hero! ❤️ Good for him ?

    1. Should have his balls bit off by dogs like another video.

  4. Hey doesn’t anyone else hate it when the video pauses momentarily and it screws up the candy you’re trying to watch? Freaking annoying ?

    1. Wow. Uhm… do you feel happy with yourself??

  5. Lazy man how do you struggle with a weak bitch, you drive one punch in her gut, the next thing she does is to part the legs so wide as she gasp for air, then you shove your shaft inside and fuck her smelly cunt and explode in her anus, Stupid women

    1. i’m glad more worthless males like you kill themselves every day lolol let’s get that suicide rate even higher!!!

      1. Creo q lo dice para los que creen que esta cosa es justa

  6. Not only are most of you in the comments sick, you’re also retarded. He got neither his own, nor her pants down. There was absolutely nothing happening here except for a shrivelled, smelly dick rubbing against cloth.

    1. im glad someone’s not completely fucking weird, thank you

    2. How do you know? Hmm, you must be the weak little nigger getting raped. How does it feel being pregnant With his baby? Now you’re nothing but used goods. Maybe kys? :)

      1. Just you saying that already places you in the dumbass fuckwad level

      2. Don’t use the word nigger on the net like you’re a badass.. cause in person you wouldn’t do it because you know you would die

  7. Well personally i have a rape kink since i wad sexually assulted as a little girl and groomed, im 16 the being groomed part still happenes, i hate it but like it, so i hate myself i hate myself for getting off to this shit.. i feel horrible and dirty, yet its the only thing that turns me on… im so sorry… and to whoever is reading this, ik im horrible but im too scarrd as it is to change, hope yall understand, im very sorry.. i would never do it to anyone but i would let it happen to myself .. god im shit, im so sorry..

    1. Shut up retarded bitch. Maybe suicide?

  8. I personally would kill rapist and pedos too, i dont like seeing other get hurt and forced to do stuff ect. I hope that makes it better, i imagine myself as the person getting abused, killed, raped, ect. Im very sorry if ur disgusted, i cant change this one horrible thing about me.

    1. I can’t change either… I wish I could hide this fetish but I haven’t told anyone. It’s just I wish I could share it with someone..

  9. I see many chances that she should be able to bite his neck like a dog bites an intruder and never let go.. there’s a vital aorta on the neck and it could fatally wound him.

    1. That’s how you know she wanted it the whole time. She didn’t defend herself. Instead she seduced him.

  10. if i happened on this…he be wheelchair now wiv 1 arm and a slur voice

  11. when u protect someone for too long even with silence or ur verbal so long then become silent ur aable to get to a straight rider therefore state its an over lap in very extreme tardy on a book that was walk to a straight line as the bottom slitter as a real one non hukman is pure they soul interput it will only gewt worse if doors dont satrt opening noone at faulkt for any of the acxtiobns unless u contiuned tro allow can not use my findings for ur gain you know who iam

    1. also reamber this use to be the old majic was really big here and age and faces etc and false videos and pictures for gain name change etc

  12. also reamber this use to be the old majic was really big here and age and faces etc and false videos and pictures for gain name change etc

  13. this stupid curry eater neds to get his shit straight

  14. What a weak-bitch rapist. You have to punch a slut in the face a few times, maybe break her nose, to make her compliant.

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