Bloody fights, knockouts, stabbing

An intelligent Russian married couple sorts things out in public space. It looks like a sumo wrestler is attacking a teenager
MMA fighter Grigory Ponomarev broke his knee during a fight with Mukhamad Vakhaev. The whole fight lasted 35 seconds, and Vakhaev's technique led to a severe injury to the athlete.
The Russian drunken fight should be offered as a separate discipline of the national sport. Everything is fine here: the absurdity of what is happening, and the bare ass of one of the opponents, and the participation of Russian females in this exciting event.
A group of Russian gentlemen find out whose penis is longer with the help of sticks, baseball bats, two cars and a traumatic weapon.
You can't blame this guy who slept with someone else's wife, because there are 1.5 billion people in China and all the Chinese who look alike. He just messed up.
Labor migrants found out who has more rights to free food. Stones and sticks were used. One resident of Kyrgyzstan was taken to the hospital, the police detained about 400 people.
The wife found out that her husband was dating his mistress and came to the place where the couple met. Casual passers-by and the husband, who was beaten by a jealous wife, suffered.
Gypsies have a constructive dialogue with the help of crowbars and car rams. The background of the conflict is unknown. In Russia, gypsies are usually involved in the sale of drugs.
In the center of Brussels, migrants were trying to figure out whose penis was longer - the local white Belgian or the black African. The African dick was longer and the Belgian couple got some punches.