Corpses of Russian soldiers, unidentified remains. War in Ukraine. March 2022


  1. White men dead, :( breaks my fucking heart

    1. very sad, but jews now control ukraine

    2. They are Russians hopefully they kill all of them.

      1. Hoffentlich wird Moskau jetzt Killer auf Dich ansetzen!

    3. Nah I hope they kill every single last Russian that supports Putin. They are the scourge of planet earth.

  2. western news now claims Russians are kicking
    ass, Hard to tell who is lying.

  3. Ukrianians are dying more and being pushed out their own country. Their president knows now they are fucked. Russia is going to take over that country and it will be under Putins thumb for a long time.

    1. Für diesen Müll müsstest Du 20 Jahre ins Gefängnis und dort jeden Tag zusammengeschlagen werden.

    2. I wish NATO would call Putin’s bluff and step in and crush the Russian savages. It’s not like they would have any trouble. They hardly even have a functional air force anymore. Some of their pilots wear dentures they are so old. We are going to have to fight Russia in the next couple of years anyways we might as well get it over with. Their military is a joke.

  4. Pussy Russia could never fight a real war. 🇺🇸 the most powerful country in the world would turn Russia into a fucking desert wasteland.😆🤣😂😁

  5. yes nuke 4-6 nukes to russia same time. they diffrent regions all russia gone boom.

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