Corpses of Russian soldiers, unidentified remains. War in Ukraine. March 2022


  1. White men dead, :( breaks my fucking heart

    1. very sad, but jews now control ukraine

    2. They are Russians hopefully they kill all of them.

      1. Hoffentlich wird Moskau jetzt Killer auf Dich ansetzen!

    3. Nah I hope they kill every single last Russian that supports Putin. They are the scourge of planet earth.

  2. western news now claims Russians are kicking
    ass, Hard to tell who is lying.

  3. Ukrianians are dying more and being pushed out their own country. Their president knows now they are fucked. Russia is going to take over that country and it will be under Putins thumb for a long time.

    1. Für diesen Müll müsstest Du 20 Jahre ins Gefängnis und dort jeden Tag zusammengeschlagen werden.

    2. I wish NATO would call Putin’s bluff and step in and crush the Russian savages. It’s not like they would have any trouble. They hardly even have a functional air force anymore. Some of their pilots wear dentures they are so old. We are going to have to fight Russia in the next couple of years anyways we might as well get it over with. Their military is a joke.

      1. o we dont need a neclear war , your a real cunt eh!

  4. Pussy Russia could never fight a real war. 🇺🇸 the most powerful country in the world would turn Russia into a fucking desert wasteland.😆🤣😂😁

    1. ukraine has or had an infantry of 780,000 strong plus massive arms, we as in NORTH AMERICA! are pourinh heavy arms into the ukraine, putin knew this would happen, i for one do not want to support ukraine anumore! to drunk to spell and do not care fuck off and die as for ukraine i want my taxes back!

      1. You are thinking too naively. Do you think that Putin would stop in Ukraine? No. The next victims of aggression would be the Baltic countries, Kazakhstan, and possibly Georgia, Moldova and Poland.
        And then what? Your government would have to spend even more money from your taxes.

  5. yes nuke 4-6 nukes to russia same time. they diffrent regions all russia gone boom.

  6. Please try to “take back” Alaska from us Muricans. You’ll find it very hard to do. You could never pull the same shit that you did with your Slavic neighbor Ukraine. Your naval looks very weak. Look out for the U.S. Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines, Army, Navy Seals. We’d love to have some vodka and Russowhore date site bimbos to fuck. Hand me some vareniki, caviar, and some borscht. Chop-chop!😂🤣😆😁

    1. Most powerful military on the planet, yet afraid to shoot a mob of niggers and left wingers that are running around on your streets and setting fire to stores. You can’t even keep unarmed civilians in check.
      The military now accepts transgenders and women into combat roles and as officers.
      You are already occupied, imbecile “murican”.
      If Russia landed their military on American soil, you would get a nasty reality check.
      Guns aren’t what protect you out here, it’s having the balls to use them. And you cut yours off in your trans vaginoplasty procedure.

      1. You overestimate the Russian army too much. The Russian army could not cope with the volunteers of the Territorial Defense of Ukraine near Kyiv.
        In 2018, in Syria, the Russian Army clashed with the US Army. This was the first time in almost 100 years. The ending is sad. The Russian army was forced to retreat, the losses amounted to 200/0.
        That is why Putin is so afraid of NATO.

        1. I understand. I’m saying that there is a major difference in mentality between the two, disregarding the equipment.
          2018 in Syria, you mean when the US bombed a bunch of Wagner mercs? If not, then I don’t know about this incident. Wagner doesn’t really count.
          Regardless, my point was, the Americans are becoming more degenerate by the day. More confused and disconnected from reality. They never really had a genocidal enemy on their soil terrorizing the populace.
          They are sheltered from the harsh realities of war.
          Even the military, while overequipped, still comes home from killing babies in the Middle East, with PTSD.
          All those advantages and still they have “PTSD”.
          What would happen if they were the ones outnumbered and outgunned? Now, just imagine the imbecile civilians who can’t even name the 7 continents. And also, as I said, there are transgender officers now. Just a mockery of a standing army, because of that fact alone.

          1. Yes, that’s right, the same case in 2018 in Syria.
            IMHO you do not underestimate the capabilities of the American army and its soldiers. Yes, US Army soldiers return with PTSD, only Russian soldiers return with the same.
            Only in Russia PTSD is considered the same as calluses. And I think with horror about when these rascals will return home and what they will do.

          2. Well, as I said, Wagner isn’t really a match. It’s not the same when you have a full military behind you, naval and air capabilities, logistics, surveillance, etc, and when you’re a bunch of infantry that has to rely on a portable drone and tablet for scouting, taking ammo off corpses and a once in a blue moon sneak-transport of equipment and that’s it..? Also, I know very well how powerful the US military is, all I’m saying is they’re being ideologically poisoned.

            I couldn’t find any stats on PTSD in the Russian military, but I assumed it was lower than in the US because you are more used to a lower quality of life and fighting bloody wars that don’t always turn out ideally. And no fucking transgenders.

          3. Don’t underestimate Wagner. At the moment, this is one of the most motivated military formations.
            On the example of the recent capture of the Uglegorsk thermal power plant: first, the “meat” went ahead – the mobilized soldiers of the People’s Militia of the DPR. Of course, they killed almost everything, but managed to inflict damage on the AFU.
            They were followed by fighters from Wagner. At the same time, they were carrying mortars. Moving in small groups, they were able to shift the AFU from their positions.
            It is unlikely that you will find statistics. When these guys come back from the war, no one cares about them. They drink vodka and commit crimes.
            And yes, I don’t think it’s even possible for a Russian soldier to meet an American in combat. The Russians will be killed before they realize it.

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