Suicide on Facebook Live

Ronnie McNutt died by suicide while streaming on Facebook Live

Ronnie McNutt, 33, is a former military serviceman who suffered from PTSD after serving in Iraq.

He shot himself in the head with a rifle during the broadcast. This video was watched by several thousand people.

Facebook has already been criticized for its untimely removal of suicide videos. Broadcast network was still 4 hours after precedent.

We publish 2 versions of the use case, a full and an abridged version.

Full version of this video:



    1. wow, it’s almost like I don’t give a shit

    2. Hi, I’m who cares you retarded. LMFAO!!!

      1. Jerah Anderson if your pea brain don’t get it, I mean “who cares?” As in I too don’t give a fuck you bitch. LMFAO!

  1. i felt bad for his pet— like their owner is gone bro, thats fucked up lowkey

  2. What rifle is he using? I want one too, i would’ve killed myself already if i weren’t poor and still in hs i already have $1200 is that good enough?

    1. Just sayin it would be a lot cooler if you instead hung yourself with a length of cheesewire so your head gets cut off ;) post the vid here when you’re done

      1. Explain to me how one can kill himself and post his video after he kills himself. I don’t get that. If he did a live video and someone records it and post it here then it would make much sense.


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