Figure Skating Olympiad champion beaten in Moscow


Dmitry Soloviev, 2014 Olympic champion in Sochi, was beaten by hooligans in front of his girlfriend, European curling champion Anna Sidoroi.

The conflict began at the exit from the karaoke club when Anna Sidorova’s friend asked three young people for a lighter, who began to respond rudely.

Dmitry Soloviev made a remark to them after which the verbal skirmish turned into a fight.

Anna explained:

Dima just lay there when they kicked him. It was not a fight, we can say that it was an attack on their part. They did not touch the girls, but he came under the arm.

As follows from the video, Dmitry Soloviev himself was not entirely sober. The police detained young people, they are facing criminal prosecution under Article 112 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Hooliganism”.

Moscow, Russia.

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