Prisoners tortured and raped in a prison hospital

The prisoners were transferred to a prison hospital in the Saratov region, ostensibly for treatment and examination. In fact, a torture conveyor was hidden behind the doors of the prison hospital.

Rape and torture took place under the auspices of the leadership of the PKU OTB-1 of the Federal Penitentiary Service. The so-called group “Activists” from among the prisoners were listed in the prison hospital as caretakers and orderlies. They even received salaries from the state.

The victims were tied to iron beds, beaten and raped. All actions were accompanied by filming on mobile phones, and sometimes even on service video recorders of the FSIN employees.

The victims were required to testify against third parties or were engaged in blackmail, threatening to distribute photos and videos of rape. The victims were required to pay for the blackmail.

For poor prisoners, the rate was 50,000 rubles ($ 680), for businessmen, the payment for blackmail reached 5,000,000 rubles ($ 68,000)

Orders for rape from prisoners’ enemies were also accepted.

In total, more than 100 people passed through the torture conveyor of the prison hospital, many of whom agreed to testify.

Since March of this year, 5 criminal cases have been initiated in relation to what is happening in the prison hospital, but the leadership of the FSIN and the FSB in every possible way obstructs the investigation.

In response, an independent project begins to publish details of the atrocities and humiliations of prisoners.

Saratov region, Russia.


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  2. Auf dieser Seite wird zensiert? Ihr zeigt die grausamsten Dinge hier, aber mach ein Arschloch, Fratzen und Schwänze unkenntlich??? Und wie waren die Taten möglich? Ich dachte, Putin hat wieder eine zumindest weitestgehende Ordnung im Land hergestellt!? Und wieso FSB? Glaubt Ihr wirklich allen Ernstes, dass der Geheimdienst da drin steckt, oder es gar angeordent oder initiiert hat, und dass das Ganze trotzdem rauskommt – und dann auch noch regelrecht präsentiert wird? Also sollte das stimmen, habe ich ab sofort keinen Respekt mehr vor den russischen Geheimdiensten mehr. Denn wenn ein Geheimdienst in so was involviert ist, und seinen ,,Job gut gemacht” hat, und Geheimdienste sind für gewöhnlich SEHR GUT, alle Geheimdienste, und erst recht die von Russland, dann wäre so was NIEMALS rausgekommen, es sei denn, in Russland würde, durch Hilfe der Amis, die Führungsriege ausgetauscht, wie in Rumänien zum Beispiel. Und selbst da würde ich wetten, dass uns bis heute nur ein Bruchteil verraten wurde. Die Securitate war schon ein TOP Geheimdienst. Einer der besten sogar!

    1. Author

      In order to look at members and asses, there are specialized sites.
      To avoid asking stupid questions, do the following:
      1. Get your tongue out of Putin’s ass.
      2. Take off your rose-colored glasses and come back to us, to the real world where there is sadism in prisons and dismemberment.
      3. Take an interest in the topic so as not to look like a moron.

  3. I don’t think the admin personally censored the pictures.
    Also, did you ever think that perhaps some events are intentionally allowed to come out? Especially in Russia, where might makes right?

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