Rape suspect tried to hire killer for 12-year-old victim

A man accused of abusing a girl will be held accountable for another crime: he tried to hire killers for his 12-year-old accuser.

In January last year, Victor Keller Jr., 39, was charged with two apparent and several alleged child rapes between January 2005 and December 2006. His bail amounted to $100,000.

In February, two of Keller’s cellmates told prison officials that he had offered to kill the injured girl or intimidate her into refusing to testify against the rapist. As a reward for the work was promised the car “Corvette” 1963 issue. The massacre of the child was to take place before the preliminary hearing in the rape case, scheduled for 21 February.

The court session took place. Keller was called to account for the rape. And two days later, he started searching again for the killer. This time, he offered another arrested man $1,300 bail and an additional $5,000 after the witness was eliminated.

A court hearing was held on Tuesday, where Keller was charged with attempting to arrange the murder of a child.

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