Real rape


In this video, according to an insider, the real rape of an Indian woman. Background and date of the event are unknown.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. I would like to see these bastards burn.

    1. I want to cut their penis and make them chew it and then make the bull dog to tear apart their body

  2. Watching this I felt rage and I felt violated like shit

    1. Would you like to kill rapists?

      1. Ojalà a ellos le hagan peor de lo que le hicieron a la mujer.

      1. You gay fuck. Show us the video of how you violte you mother you ugly indian curry cunt

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  3. Only a fucking coward rapes a woman! Id cut their fucking ugly indian heads off! This woman doesn’t deserve this you fucking scum! Fuck im gonna beat the fuck out of the first indian i see today!

        1. Stop fucking your plumbers and delivery agents, and earn money to pay them.

      1. I worship Indian men, and give you full permission to treat me any way you’d like ❤

    1. Please stay home. Otherwise you might get fucked up your ass after you re overpowered.

    2. not indian but not white or black but a mongrel here…had a white cunt try that shit on me late after pub on my own walking home, he thought i was easy target, bet he didnt go to cops afterwards, no one around im glad i didnt have a knife

    3. That is the most stupid comment I’ve seen on this site! You think because this Indian guy rapes a woman? EVERY SINGLE RACE ON EARTH HAS A RAPIST, MURDERER, AND SADIST!

      1. Sorry, forgot to finish the sentence, lol. (That ever Indian rapes women?).

  4. Videos on this site are not showing up for me how do I solve this?

    1. Put ur thumb up your ass, sniff it, and then it should be fixed.

      1. Not working. Any other suggestions?

        1. It might help if you shove something bigger than your thumb up your ass.
          In fact, if you have problems viewing videos or other materials on the site, send me a message indicating your OS and browser.

        2. Ask your dad to put his thumb up your ass and then lick it. It should reset it

      2. India is the rape capital of the world

        1. the per capita rape rate in india is less than the US you fucking dipshit

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          1. Like your mother?!

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          3. Why are you a loser? Describe yourself if you don’t mind, just curious

          4. @CHOTARA: Why the fuck would she shit? You are disgusting. She is wet as hell for sure.

          5. Yes I love this… they all must obey.. and I will get it

    2. curry rape hahahaha fuckly indians both look like a man

  5. me da impotencia y asco ver esto ojala mueran dolorosa y lentamente lo antes posible entes de que le hagan esto a otra mujer

  6. You guys are such pussies why come to this site just to be disgusted your here to see humanity’s worst right you came here for that you watch a man get tipped to Shreds by a machete but you draw the line at rape? You guys wouldn’t last a day on bestgore

    1. Shut up about Bestgore nobody cares

    2. You’re such a pussy why come to this site just to be irritated by the people’s comments you watch rape and murder but draw the line at comments? You wouldn’t last a day on the internet

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  7. No they do what they do thought women were strong and independent

    1. That’s kinda savage bro if u ask me although I do agree with ur point, like these days women can frame innocent man accused of rape assault and got away with that. I’m not talking about every women I’m talking those cunts are fUCKING getting too much demanding these days. I wouldn’t be showing sympathy if they framed an innocent person then got brutally killed I would be more happy that a bitch died

    2. Yes women are stong. They bear child. I don’t know why a few of them make such a bid deal about rape. The truth is, most women get wet and get orgasm from rape, which means their body and psychology craves it, even though they pretend not to, so that people don’t think they are whores.

  8. يجب أن تكون مخطئا.

  9. They are both having fun, no damage done, they will still be healthy after this, quit your bitching, there are much worse things

    1. You are very correct mister!

    2. Yeah why don’t you go try getting ass raped by another guy tell me how fun it is

    3. Yup. Both of them having a good time.

      1. Exactly. Reminds me of the Conquistadors raping and colonizing the mutts in South America. Fun for the whole family, everyone’s happy.

    4. Agreed. Your dear mother and I talked about this once after I raped her. She said I bring a lot of excitement into her life now that she’s in the stage where she has an edgy son that posts edgy comments

    5. Right on. Don’t know why people are complaining about rape. I mean, the European Colonial powers raped and colonized the whole world almost, and everyone enjoined it. From the niggers to the gooks to the mesoamerican beaner mutts to the south american subhuman swamp-niggers. I mean, the african niggers loved it the most I think, both the rape and the colonization. Don’t know why everyone is complaining. People don’t compain about killing but draw the line at rape. I mean, the subjugated nigger races’s eyes lit up when they saw a white man approaching their family to take away the daughters and mothers to rape them. They were ecstatic. Everyone was happy. People are such hypocrites nowadays, am I right?

      1. Raping women of any race is equal fun.

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  10. What a ugly slut, should be burned on stake, she deserves it

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    2. your way of thinking mate also indicates how well you were raised, perhaps retardedness can cause a better fate than this above

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  11. That is a pretty woman. And someone is appreciating there. Where is the full video?

    1. positioned her legs correctly. cooperation always gives good results.

    2. I want to rape and dismember all women I want to flay their faces and pussies and crucify them. I hate women I want to disembowel them and cut their hearts out and eat them. Fuck all women they should’ve never existed. I want to beat their brains out with a sledgehammer. I want to behead them and give myself head with their decapitated heads. I want to bomb female fraternities. All heil Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian.

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      2. Redditors when they’ve been rejected for the 100th time (they are repulsive and nobody enjoys their company)

  12. What the hell?? Get a room guys. Give the lady a little privacy. She is worried people are watching.

  13. This is the most sickest and DISGUSTING comment section i come across..people above me are LITERALLY fine that women getting raped ….just downright sick….and ALSO saying it’s fun!! FUN U WANNA SEE FUN? THEN ABOUT U GET RAPE….OR UR FAMILY MEMBERS GETS RAPED NOW THAT WOULD BE FUN

    1. Yup. I want women rape me. This is a thrilling experience if no physical battery involved.

      1. I hope u die in the worst way possible u scumbag faggot

    2. People being tortured and dismembered: ok…

      Woman being raped: dIsGusTinG cOmMeNt sEcTioN!!!iii

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      1. Ya càllese niñito de 5 años,aùn falta que te violen.

    4. All women need to be raped and chopped into little tiny pieces. Especially LA girls

    5. @KARUKI Why are you here in this website? You enjoy watching people getting brutally killed, but preach like a saint when you see just a rape, which is done nicely without any violence and nobody is getting physically hurt? You are a height of hypocrisy.

  14. Some of the comments here are weird They get angry at rape and are happy about killing

    1. Yes. For most people rape is worst crime than murder. Weird.

    2. Exactly, I’m like they’re both bad but damn killing…there’s no coming back after that, rape has a time limit, death forever.

    3. Yes I agree. killing means dead. Rape is like a battery or assault. I don’t know why they compare these two.

  15. Lucky bastard got a really pretty lady. Full video please.

    1. Zahl mir 1000 US-Dollar,dann sende ich dir das Video

  16. 被奸也许是一件很美妙的事,当然这不能建立在“强”上,只要你够湿,那就没问题~

    1. Get the pussy wet first, then rape and see the pleasure in women’s face. They can’t hide that pleasure.

      1. So If I raped your mother, she would like it?

        1. Does not matter whose mother it is. You would know if you ever manage to do it in the right way. SUCKMENOW is not too wrong.

          1. So can I try on your mother?

          2. @ERNST RUDIN you would not ask if you have the balls.

          3. You’re missing the point.

  17. guy raping a woman like a piece of cake ;-)

    1. Agreed lol. Speaking of cakes, your dear mother made me a cake after I raped her, she’s such a sweetheart :)

      1. Well then it was not a rape if she make you cake. Now you can go ask your mother what rape is. She was a piece of cake too.

        1. Why did you get offended by the rape comment? I thought you supported that sort of activity. Hypocrisy?

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    1. I will cut your balls off. I don’t know about rape, but killing is not OK.

  20. Cameraman, next time do a better job!

  21. These bastards 🤬just don’t deserve to live,don’t even deserve a single breath!These cowards being more in number,outnumbering & so outpowering that single alone woman,abducts her from some really silent & remote & humanless area & then takes her to some that same kind of area and does this kind of heinous crime to her!I just pray for her and her family, and hopes that she is ok & alive & has been served the utmost justice!And,those rapists I hope must have been caught & should be given the capital punishment!

    1. These rapists I personally tell must be chopped into millions of unrecognisable pieces!That’s all they deserve!Bloody Rapists!

      1. Exactly!!! I’m also mad right now….that how much fun these people above us are making WTFF rape is ok according to these assholes ..and calling that poor lady slut .. bruh.atleast i found someone like you who is mature ..and feeling sad for women. Ur right these bastards in the vid should be skinned alive. Indian assholes

      2. But my nigger see the irony here’s ur country subhumans acts that is being shown to the world. Infact chopping all you shitskins would be better.

      3. If we apply that to all rapists, usa would be without the army

    2. By the suggested scale of punishment, it seems that the anti-rapists people here are a lot more violent than the rapists in this video.

    3. Looks like murderers don’t like rapists!

  22. rapists are alpha males. god bless rapists

    1. Alex Jones you’re a legend we should go kidnap and rape girls together

  23. India:
    p.s should’ve sucked on her titty too tho

    1. I agree about the titty sucking. May have done it afterwards. Suckers did not upload the full video.

      1. I agree. titty sucking, pussy sucking, fingering, blowjob there are many items. Also it does not look like they will go for the ass.

  24. thats just normal day in india

  25. I like those dresses Indian women wear. You have to just lift it, and the pussy is all yours, wet and waiting.

    1. Wtf, that’s not how to works , NIGGER

  26. Still wearing her shoes while in action, like a pornstar.

  27. you sick fuckers go get therapy i hope u die a terrible death

  28. *Gore site exists with extremely explicit content*

    Every Karen on the internet: “OMG Y U DO DIS HOPE U DIE N GET RAPED FUCK U”

  29. Why can’t I be raped

    1. Verdammte Hure.Dich sollte man wirklich vergewaltigen und zerstückeln

  30. Kudos to the rapist for having the confidence to film it… I would not have made a rape video with that little dicklet…

    1. Don’t see the dicklet in this video though. So how do you know? Is there a longer version? If so please post here.
      About the filming, the suck in that. Should have hired professionals.

    2. I have only one issue with this video. The videographer sucks. Next time get someone who is not a dick.

  31. Where can I find more Real stuff like this? Any website?

    1. I will pay lot of money for videos like this..

  32. Oh yeah that fucking slut should getting killed also but those ugly niggers too i would love to see more torture and rape videos because killing videos are not satisfied me anymore they getting boring same old bullshit but definitely wan’t to see some torture agony videos for mine own pleasure like killing fags or rice niggers

    1. Kill yourself. That is the greatest pleasure you can have.

  33. well when a man needs pussy really bad hes going to prey on some woman bbc preys on alot of white women nowadays in the u.s

  34. Hopes he happy if he see his Grandmother, Mother, Daughter or Granddaughter getting rape.. He will smile and laughing when he see his own family getting rape. Rubbish country no wonder they are fucking smelling..

  35. These is not happened in India all you morons. These are pakistanis. Don’t show your rage towards Indians just because you are losing your jobs due to your pea sized brains. Pakistan is the one exporting terrorism and promote raping

    1. Indians and Pakistanis arguing over who’s the lesser piece of shit will never not be funny. You are both shit mate, with the exception that one of you don’t shit and piss on streets and don’t breed like rats

      1. HAHAHAHA ich liebe deinen Kommentar hast völlig Recht


  37. i don’t know what i fucking do her , why i watch this video , and why i like , I think it’s time to finally

    1. Man sollte es legalisieren, deinen Schwanz abzuschneiden

  38. I believe that is a Hindu man raping a muslim woman…

  39. poor girl,I can watch gore videos, but I can’t accept this. Unfortunately, I can only pray for a better future for her

    1. you’re such a pussy, might as well be worth to rape you so you stop complaining on the internet, specially on a site like this…

      1. Inform this video to indian police or cyber cell

  40. Inform this video to indian cyber cell or police department

  41. doesn’t seem a rape to me…much rather an attempt to snuff shit. A raped woman will fight as fuck, she ‘s enjoying…trust me on this

  42. He didn’t last too long at least.

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