Teenagers raped a cat

Raped cat

The cat disappeared on August 7, and when the owners found it a few days later, it turned out that the animal had been sexually abused.

The cat was found in a bad condition and the owners of the animal took her to the animal clinic where the veterinarian reported that the cat had been raped in a brutal way – with a stick or something like that.
This can be seen on the x-ray of the animal:

X-ray of a raped cat
X-ray of a raped cat

Having learned about such news, the owner of the cat lost consciousness.

The cat’s vagina was torn, the bladder and spinal cord were damaged. Neighborhood children from a dysfunctional family are suspected of rape.

The mother hid the children on the second floor of the house and does not allow to talk to them.

Children are registered with the police as prone to petty hooliganism.

Perm, Russia.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. I would find the cunts and throw boiled hydrochloric acid in their faces

    1. Considering Cats wont probably wont be the last victim of these future serial killers you have my ok to do so and even if not its not like I could keep you from doing it anyway soo …

  2. These fuckers deserve to have their fingers chopped off one by one with a machete. I held my 3 months kitty hard when I found this post. Bastards without a brain.

    1. se merecen que mueran en llamas los gatitos no merecen estas cosas de los demás espero esos estúpidos se mueran

    2. I’d love to help you, got a cat myself and I appreciate I live in fucking Germany and not stupid fucking countries that torture cats like China or Russia.

  3. Ojalà les decapiten y torturen a esas mierdas malnacidas.O algo mucho peor,hacerlos sufrir?

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