An unknown perpetrator raped a dog


Two women, residents of the city of Malin, found a dog that was badly injured and could not move independently. The women took the animal to a veterinarian who determined that the animal had been raped.

The dog had lacerations in the lumbar spine and perineum. They were received about two weeks as a result of physical violence.

Representatives of the Ukrainian animal protection organization UAnimals appealed to the National Police with a statement about the commission of a criminal offense and a demand to immediately begin a pre-trial investigation.

Malin, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine.

In order to rape a dog or cat in Russia and Ukraine, an original method is used. To prevent the animal from biting, a felt boot or boot is put on the head of the animal.
Please do not test this at home. In your country, such actions may be regarded as a criminal offense.

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  1. It was probably a Russian soldier..

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