Necrozoophilia. Sex with a fox corpse

The dude killed the fox and had sex with her corpse. I don’t even know what to say, it’s one thing to have sex with a live animal, another thing to have a corpse of an animal.
Just wondering to tackle Necrozoophilia this dude warmed up a fox’s corpse or fucked cold?

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Furries in a Nutshell. This is what furries do on a daily basis and they constantly deny their perverted and atrocious activities on popular online platforms such a Reddit, YouTube, Discord, and many other sites when confronted. Furries would often groom little kids to join their sick perverted fandoms and fuck animals or watch countless hours of [email protected] or [email protected] Porno and force themselves to figure out why Horse “Sausage” or Canines “Red Rockets” are so attractive. Furries even use videos for references to draw their attrocious “Y1ff” Art. Furries should be hunted down and slained. Their death should be uploaded on every Gorsites possible.

    1. I don’t quite understand where furry has to do with it? IMHO you have to be a complete asshole to fuck a dead fox.

      1. Lol, DAFAQ? Furries has alot to do with Animal Fuckery. Trust me on this one, bud.
        Anyways, I agree that it takes a complete arsehole to shag a dead fox. Yech!

        1. They aren’t furrys… AT ALL. I’m a furry myself and like HUMANS not animals… there called zoophiles and they are not welcome as furrys

          1. Not zoophile. Zoophilia is about a philia for animals or love for animals. Do you think this is love? Then you are fucked up. That’s necro bestiality. People that find osexual pleasure in sticking dick in dead things. Ans even among necros not all of them like to fuck dead animals. In fact majority of necros like dead humans not an animal carcass. So jumping from necro bestialism to necro in general then to zoophilia then to yiffers then to flurries is like jumping to conclusions about mathematicians being pedophiles because one used to fap to lolicon. And then call every engineer a rapists. You necro shits are the fucked up ones commenting shit.

        2. Bro I’m a furry but this is just fucked up I love animals but this is to much love this is just perverted this is what the world has come to it raping kids Einstein island every sexual sin there is really no on can control their braindead asses anymore jeeeeeezzzzz

      2. Brotha, you haven’t seen Furries in their true natural habitat, havent’cha? I’ve seen them in their homoland FagAffinity, and their autism just makes me wanna drill my brains out. You’re missing out on intel, brotha.

      3. Furries have everything to do with this, you haven’t seen a furry in their truest form yet and what they do behind their servers and shit. These fuck ups have been exposed and brought to the daylight just like Kiro the wolf. They are brought out to the public who are very ignorant about them. Just like yourself who is not very well educated on them. I do question your “humble opinion” being a complete asshole fucking a dead fox. What does it make you fucking a live one? Zoophillia is poison.

        1. Filter your words, buddy. In my country, this subculture is not developed, although, of course, there are assholes who fuck animals.

          1. What are you, the VChK? You don’t tell me what to do and I am way to dope to be your so called buddy!

    2. Lol pussy u dont know anything about furries and it shows ? stay ignorant then kill urself retard lmaoo

    3. I wish I can upvote your comment ?

    4. Furries need to be put in concentration camps. Make it legal please

    5. Then explain how a furry can be upset at someone who does commit zoophilia, then commits murder over the fact that the dude had sex with an animal. Also, the man who committed the zoophilia has most likely NEVER been open about it. Never told a soul.

      It’s an actual thing, so unless you actually bother to research and insult us correctly, keep that faggot ass sewn shut. Furries would come for miles to beat this waste into the ground, and don’t you forget that. You have at least two braincells to be able to comment, use them and open Google.

    6. You do realize that there ARE infact alot of furries that are like this and do also do this, but most of the community does not accept zoophilia, most of us are trying to END IT, do your research and don’t hate on others for their hobbies just because you don’t like it, you are not entitled to hate on anyone, everyone is human.

        1. I guess no :p , concentration chambers needs to be use again.

      1. I’m a furry but this is fucked up I hate pesos zoophiles etc my day ruined

    7. Lots of engineers are pedophiles. Then every engineer is one. LMAO. that’s your logic. Seriously. I am a zoophile that means I love animals. Then there are bestiality guys that fuck animals. Then there is necrophilia lovers that fuck dead things and not even necro guys that fuck dead humans in cemeteries have anything to do with animals. Just a portion of necros fuck dead animals. There are some that only fuck dead chickes and are not even into foxes or canines. So trying to say that every furry is like those groups is idiotic. I fuck mares and I don’t like yiff.

      1. I know a friend who is a furry and he basically changed my idea of them, I even pretend to be one to make him feel relatable which makes him happy, he doesn’t know that I am not one as I don’t want him to feel alone.

        But never have I thought a zoophile pointing the flawed logic in “all furries fuck animals” and making it clear to people who don’t know (while being disrespectful to the holocaust saying furries need the gas chambers and need to allow concentration camps to be open), that furries are not all zoos in a website with corpses while in a thread about someone fucking a dead fox would be something I would find today.

        I guess good day?

        1. Not even Alan Turing can decypher those last few sentences

  2. Talk about Zootopia, LOOOOOOOOLZZZ

    1. Rest in piss Nick Wilde you will not be missed filthy ass furfag

      1. that’s nick wiles mom i tried to stop him from kill her but he broke my knee caps I’m still in the hospital

    1. How’s English-language class for you, buddy? I bet it’s kicking the piss out of you. BWAHAHAHAHAHA LOOOOOOOOLZZZZ

      1. oh fuck, i feel so sorry for you, that is so embarrassing, anyways the video was kinda hot kek.


    2. More like sorry for existing. LAWLZ!

    1. For you to jack off to it? Loser! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHEHEHEHHE !!!

  3. for helvede, i feel so bad for you, bless your heart, i would be so embarrassed if i acted the way you did! anyways, the video was pretty hot, rigtigt?

  4. Revolting fuck. Doesn’t surprise me though, white scum love that shit. I hope your dick falls off! Keep fucking animals without a condom. Poor fox.

    1. Oh so fucking dead animals is a white people thing now? Well it’s better that selling crack you fucking monkey, don’t you have some welfare to go apply for or some fried chicken to cook? Fuck out of here with that race card bullshit.

    2. “Brown and proud” he says.
      Open a history book, find any chapter you like, and show me just what contribution can you be proud of, subhuman nigger?

    3. You fuck monkeys your species . Isn’t that zoophilia too?

      1. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EPIC ROLL

      2. Ok let me get this right
        Did this guy just cream pie
        A dead fox? Lmbao smh x

  5. Look at that nastisness on his righr thigh. Hope fully he has a flesh is necrotizing.

  6. This low down loco mo fk will f k your dog!

  7. You guys r more fed up than the fox fucking guy!

  8. Eeeewwww i can smell that sickness from here, vile bastard.

    1. Ok let me get this right
      Did this guy just cream pie
      A dead fox? Lmbao smh

  9. I would rip his fucking brain out of his skull.

    1. Feed it to him, like Hannibal.

  10. 和看到人类尸体的感觉完全不一样

  11. plz im 14 i was just looking for the 1444 video omfggg
    im in tears

    1. Kid, please get off this site, you don’t need this in your life at that age. Go to school, have fun, be ignorant, be happy, later on come here if you really care for gore

      1. Yes, please listen to them. I started watching gore after I was traumatized by a similar video at 14. Now I’m 15 ongoing 16 and gore has ruined my life. I’m obsessed with it and I need help. It makes me so paranoid.

      2. You are correct , but also look what his saying ” looking for 1444 video”. So he was already searching for a fucked up gore shite WHERE a man shots himself. Tho anyways..nice of you to advise him.

        1. I think she is still around but we can’t force anyone. I remember being shown some terrible gore at a young age and being quite shocked. People say you just get desensitized, but I think there’s some sort of trauma at that age. Kids should be kids, playing outside without a care in the world, not because it’s a fluffy little perfect world narrative, but because of physiological reasons and the unholy amounts of cortisol that can spike when watching people mutilate other people. But thank you for your kind words

  12. Strange how white dudes always do shit like this… no wonder they love hunting…

  13. Ist das ein Moslem? Die ficken doch auch ALLES!

  14. Echt krank und pervers! Ich will weder mit lebenden Tieren Sex haben, noch mit toten. Bah, ekelhaft! Bah!

  15. Furries are fucking disgusting man. I ever find one of them sick fuckers in action I’ll kidnap them and make them my sex slave bitch. No more sex with animals now bitch your my animal now.

  16. All Hail Censorship, Kill all furries and anyone who identifies other than their born gender!

  17. this man needs to be skinned alive

    1. Human scum like this get away while petty thiefs get burned alive in the streets and have their hands smashed with hammers. Wonder where this was anyways

  18. If I caught a person like this, he would regret the day he was born. I would do things that would shame the devil

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