In the Rostov region found the remains of soldiers who died in 1941

Remains found
Remains found

During the excavation works in the Aksai district of Rostov region were found the remains of soldiers who died in the autumn of 1941 during the advance of the German army in Rostov-on-Don.

A group of search volunteers is working at the site.

The remains were at a depth of 70 cm (27 inches) in a shallow grave.

In total, there are at least 20 people in the mass grave.
Remarkable is the fact that the remains of both Soviet and German soldiers are buried in the burial.

Search party believe that the fallen were buried by local residents immediately after the battle.

Every year, hundreds of such unnamed burials are found in Russia, and there is quite a logical justification for that – in the USSR, as well as now in Russia, the authorities treat people as garbage, consumables.

Although the phrase attributed to the Russian commander Georgy Zhukov about the loss of personnel “Women give birth to new” is a fiction, it reflects the real attitude towards people in Russia.

During Stalin’s time, a soldier whose death was not recorded by witnesses and his remains were not found was listed as missing. This fact allowed the Soviet government not to pay the pension to the family of the deceased.

The land of Russia keeps hundreds of thousands of fallen, not buried soldiers of the Red Army.


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