Cut out the heart and ate


Cruel execution. The man’s heart was cut out alive and one of the murderers tasted it.

Probably Mexico.

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  1. Ok enough for today. Cut out the heart alive in the underwear.

  2. Hands down my favorite fucking video. Y’all see something disgusting, I see a group of men creatively flexing their supremacy over their enemy with behavior that transcends even hyper violence. The coldness of their hearts is attractively displayed.

    Another dope thing about this clip is that they show the body convulsing violently before it becomes a corpse. Watching that shit is my favorite fucking part of murder. Such a shame that most of the other videos skip that part and cut straight from the torture/bloodspill to the corpse. I mean come on, man! We gotta see how the story actually unfolds…

    Anyway, the raw power that these men exercise over their victims makes them superior beings in comparison to the average human.

    1. Murder is a show of cowardice. If you call these men superior because of brutal murder, you just showed yourself as an inferior coward.

      1. If you don’t like it then why the fuck are you here? Leave !!! Your comment means nothing here! Go to church or something .

  3. Probably these men are the reincarnation of Ancient Aztec men who did their heart thing by sacrifice and did the same to their murderers before.

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