Girl gets her head smashed with a hammer


The girl’s head is smashed with a hammer and her eyes are gouged out with a knife. Probably Mexico

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Sick fuckers. Worse than animals.

  2. too satisfying. i love seeing heads smashed

    1. You are sick!! I hope you get help.

      1. LOL sez the CUNT lurking on murder sites. fuck OFF

      2. Spics killing spics. Who fucking cares.

        Too bad It wasn’t a worthless white cunt

    2. I want to try this on women. I want to kidnap them and beat their brains out and rape their pussies and buttholes and then skin them and chop them up🤤 😊.

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      1. נערה מסכנה

        1. damn sick shit how I want to end their miserable and pathetic lives, how I would love to skin those shitty murderers, and all with a potato peeler and then start to cut their flesh and muscles, I would do it so slowly and painfully, making sure not to cut any veins to make sure they suffer as much as possible so they learn their fucking lesson once and for all, You guys deserve a fate way worse than death.

      2. No dont you asshole, were humans too…

  3. The video is brazilian, she probably was involved with criminal factions, this kind of death is very common in brazilian factions wars.

    1. Wtf is this type of death is common then i dont wanna imagine the uncommon death. Shit

    2. Sao không đập vào lồn cô ta

  4. Sick vile beasts, lower than slime!

  5. Sick bastreds burn in this live and hereafter

  6. I’m jerking my dirty dick to this stuff I love this shit.
    Especially seeing her eyeballs pop out it makes my dick so hard. ??

    1. Bruh that’s how Ted bundy got started off he would jerk off to murder porn and started raping and killing women don’t go down that path

    2. You’re definitely white

      1. The darker the skin, the more primitive the subhuman

  7. 这只是一具尸体,它没有人权,但不能排除就是这些家伙杀害的她

  8. Ich bin Türke und 35 und liebe so Scheise und wikse immer dazu. Bin ich normales Mann oder was?

    1. This is nothing surprising since most shitskins are sub-human. Also, it’s funny that you’re talking German, little immigrant.

      Now, a kebab with everything and a yoghurt, chop chop. Keep the change little man

      1. הם חולים
        כמה חבל :(

    2. Fuck you turkish kebab I hope your mom gets raped and your family gets tortured and killed

  9. I’d rather be shot than be treated this way. Sick animals

  10. I love this video so much the way they gouge out her eyes makes my dick so hard. I want to try this on a woman.

    1. Everyrhing u say and do is recorded. We’ll be in touch.

  11. Animal kills animal while using human technology to film it

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