Man hacked his wife with a machete


The man attacked with a machete and partially dismembered his wife, suspecting adultery.

The neighbors heard the scandal and the woman’s terrible screams. According to them, the husband said that his wife went to visit her sister.
However, he saw that the woman got into a pickup truck.

When she returned, he asked her where she was, but she lied to him. He also discovered that his wife was not wearing underwear.

This infuriated him, he grabbed a machete and began to strike. The woman screamed and the neighbors heard the screams.

When they entered the house, they saw this terrible picture. The woman’s face and hand were chopped off.

The woman’s husband disappeared, the police are conducting an investigation.
San Miguel, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

Man hacked his wife with a machete
Man hacked his wife with a machete
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