China. The corpse of a woman.

Judging by the fact that in the first photo of the corpse of this woman there is a chair and some kind of belt in the frame, it can be assumed that the girl committed suicide. During the examination, the corpse was stripped.
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    1. La neta si pero lastima que se suicido pudo haber sido algo en la vida.

  1. What’s the reason of undressing that woman. Respect her soul bruh.

    1. This is China.
      lol “soul”, “respect”

    2. what soul bruuh thats just an empty vessel for use

  2. Livor mortis. Something you should know seeing that you wrote an essay about some forensic examination on another vid

  3. what I wanna know is how so many chink forensic nudes end up public online

  4. Where’s the Venous Stasis? (Blood collecting under the skin, and visible)
    Corpses all have this. Unless, of course, she was recently deceased. Very recently.

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  6. Do you have cyanide? Like the poison

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